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    I might have killed a rat

    best one i ever had was on an old dodge m880 that had no exhaust under it when i got it so i pulled a couple of 18" cherry bombs from an old work truck that were sitting in the shop for a few years. well after getting them installed and driving the truck around i only had exhaust coming out of...
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    1960 IH VF-195 AF semi-tractor

    it looks to me that you dont even use first gear unless you plan on staying in it the whole time
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    CUCV-II from Des Moine IA to OKC

    normally its a van pulling a van tied to another van or trailer and then you see 4 to five groups of them all traveling together :beer:
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    Pop went the weasel. Any ideas?

    "I braked hard in order to avoid hitting the guy infront of me that slowed down for no reason then coasted to a stop. It turned over fine but no start." terracoma would you be listening to noises if you were in this situation ? and it wont always make a noise depending on where...
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    Pop went the weasel. Any ideas?

    well it could be multiple things that could pop loud enough to get herd = timing chain,fuel pump arm getting snapped,gear popping in front cover ect. . pump locking up snapping the gear or bolts there is many things that could cause be loud enough and kill the truck at the same time
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    Pop went the weasel. Any ideas?

    Where did the pop sound like it came form? driver or passenger side or combination of both ?
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    Medical "Study" on diesel exhaust

    Heath_h49008 "Diesel engines are common amongst big bad businesses, and evil men with trucks who should be driving Priuses anyway." lets see what happens when we hook there little 800 lbs Prius to the 80,000 lbs loads that i see every day . or see how big of a gas engine you would need...
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    Injection pump replacement

    i normally dont have the TM in my back pocked and i didnt even know what it said, i was just giving my experience working on trucks and equipment.
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    Injection pump replacement

    best way i have found is pull the hose that comes form the fuel pump on the side of the block going to the fuel filter and spin the engine over and see if fuel sprays out of it and not just trickles or slowly runs out it should have a good solid stream
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    Dry Ice Blaster - Got a wide Hair

    you ever think about soda blasting ?
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    Test driving an M1009 tonight.

    man yea i bet that did scare you it would have me too because ether is like crack to an engine one time i went to go work on a dozer and there was 7 cans rolling around the cab and then they couldn't figure out why it lost compressionauaaua
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    Test driving an M1009 tonight.

    if you find a can of ETHER( starting fluid) in the floor board or under the hood or in the back of the truck WALK AWAY
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    Test driving an M1009 tonight.

    mainsail if a guy would have done that i would have told him the sale is final and please leave my property before i have you thrown off
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    Test driving an M1009 tonight.

    has the truck been sitting or was it run every day or two but always check oil and water
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    Tank float doesn't float....

    yea its got a pin hole in it somewhere or it has filled with fuel best way i know of is get you a something like a clear cup fill it with gas then stick the float in real slowly and look for bubbles
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