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    MEP-903 Generator In S-805 Electronic Repair Shelter - Road To Startup

    I won the same shelter with different outfit inside. Mine was a comms unit. Had all the equipment that came with your except for the control panel. A guy on fleabay has control panels, but I am NOT paying the $1000-1300 he keeps bouncing back in forth on. I have a DSE controller going to use...
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    CTMGSA-5 5 kw diesel generator trailer mounted

    They used a metric sized filter 16mm in their custom machined base and only had one mfg that made them and they got bought out and no longer mfg. Ingenious actually, lots of one off parts so government was forced to buy spares from them. I switched mine over to a racor r12t filter like the...
  3. Dwnorton1

    3 Phase to Single Phase

    Typically 3 phase motors are usually tapped (9 lead ) where you can configure them for 3phase 208v or 3phase 480v. Single phase motors are typically 240v with sometimes being able to be wired 120v with twice amp draw. Never seen one that could be wired as either 1 or 3 phase. That being said...
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    M813 won't start

    After I changed the fuel filter in mine I could not get my 813 to prime. Little pump on dash worthless for whatever reason on mine. I ended up using my air compressor to pressurize fuel tank. I removed return line, put rubber end on air chuck and pressured take through fitting that return tied...
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    Red River Army Depot

    Funny thing about TWIC card when it was implemented (2007ish)$125 good for 5 years. Payable to Raytheon Crp. Gov farmed out or created yet another kind of "tax" paid to 3rd party. I agree with having the background check but interesting gov contract there don't you think? Place is incredible...
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    Mep-018a genset parts

    Made it home. No Tillotson, but know what to look for now.
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    Red River Army Depot

    Absolutely agree with you on that. Trees growing up through the chassis of new trucks waiting for conversion. Terrible.
  8. Dwnorton1

    Red River Army Depot

    A TWIC card. Transportation workers identication card will get you on quickly. Workers who access areas where customs is required among other places. I have to show mine to fly out to Gulf of Mexico PDQ. It it is an amazing place. I wish the would just let me wonder around just to get close...
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    New grunt from Texas.

    Welcome from SOOK. Won't hold being from Texas against you. :-P
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    Load Bank?

    I bought a GETT unit that has its own built in 6kw and 4 kw load bank. I just use plug from 803 to Shore power receptacle and load up. Didn't even know it had this ability until already bought it. Love that gen as well. It is a turbo charged version of an 803. Never can go wrong with turbo, plus...
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    Auction Question

    I've been lucky on my 80x's that I have bought so far. Had way less luck with the 831's. I've had to learn my lesson hard way on buying stuff out of reasonable driving distance. Often cost of shipping exceeds "bargain" I won at auction. Takes the joy out of purchases stressing on logistics.
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    Load Bank?

    Be a good way to give your new toy a workout/ shakedown without investing a great deal until tested. If you are like me you want to blow cobwebs out sooner rather than later. Would love to see YouTube video of it as well.
  13. Dwnorton1

    Load Bank? Just for short time fun.
  14. Dwnorton1

    Mep-018a genset parts

    I certainly hope among the 2 4a84 motors I have has the carb that you need. The original motor is a 1969 model.
  15. Dwnorton1

    Load Bank?

    Wow, 60kw gen. That puts a new spin on it. You would be able to have a shrimp boil in your pool if you were able to string enough water heater elements to load up that beast.:-P
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