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    CUCVRUS Repair Projects

    Love the Blues Bros reference...those cars are workhorse for sure, enjoy!
  2. forest522

    CUCV Roof Rack

    Great project! Keep us posted on the progress
  3. forest522

    Happy 2020 Steel Soldiers

    I am in - Thank you and Happy New Steel Year to all! Just chipped in for the 2 year premium membership - thank you to all who have offered advice and progress of your work. This site is fantastic. Keep them on the road everyone!!
  4. forest522

    Any of you guys have your m1009 setup for Overlanding?

    Before they started calling it Overlanding, I was building my rig for this. It served my family and kids very well early on in its stock son and I stripped the interior down and added some insulation. Recently I have added the Vintage Air system and installed a lot more insulation...
  5. forest522

    Low Voltage and instrument lighting issues

    Thanks everyone for the advice. Latest update*** As with all things electrical...clean and check all grounds. Looking through the tech manuals, wiring diagrams, asking for help, tracing wires over and over...all these things are good in any event. And, you get to know the vehicle so much...
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    Low Voltage and instrument lighting issues

    The part number from LMC truck is: "38-8036 - models without gauges" for the year range 81 - 87. A whopping $69.95...ouch Regards, Mike
  7. forest522

    Low Voltage and instrument lighting issues

    I meant to say, does the Gen 2 relay have anything to do with this?
  8. forest522

    Low Voltage and instrument lighting issues

    So, an update. I replaced the printed circuit. The other one appeared to be original so a good place to start. Still no Gen 1 or 2 light upon turning key to 'on' position or after starting up - which by the way, she does fire right up. Just no charging from the Alt. I changed both bulbs...
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    My M1009 Build So far....

    Now that is a kind and loving fiancé...transporting those muddy tires in her car like that! That's impressive!! Enjoy your project!
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    Low Voltage and instrument lighting issues

    Description of photos: I had some "00" gauge cable on bothe batteries/starter previously, all was brought back into the new set up. The primary difference is the relocation of the house battery to the rear of the vehicle. Tied it in using 4 gauge and a 200 amp soleniod activated system...
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    Low Voltage and instrument lighting issues

    Copy that, will re-check and keep posted. A few pics to add to the situation...anyone else?:beer:
  12. forest522

    Low Voltage and instrument lighting issues

    Good day everyone. Long time reader and admirer of this site. Thanks to the common issues discussed and resolved here I have had this m1009 on the road for over 8 years including a move from PNW to the SW towing belongings in an m116 trailer and more recently a trip to VA and back to ABQ...
  13. forest522

    Optima promo videos featuring CUCV's

    Outstanding! This is why we go out there! Thank you
  14. forest522


    Please, please...keep us posted. I know this can be difficult and time consuming but, we are all looking forward to your progress! Thank you!
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