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    Super Lug 9x16 tires

    4" rear and 5" in the front.
  2. IdahoPlowboy

    Super Lug 9x16 tires

    Its the truck in my profile pic if that helps.
  3. IdahoPlowboy

    Super Lug 9x16 tires

    I run Q78/16 swamper bias plys on my 1028 that measure around 35" and change tall and they work very well for me.
  4. IdahoPlowboy

    M1009 Stainless exhaust

    I have looked around myself and found nothing so I will have to go to a shop for a custom one soon.
  5. IdahoPlowboy

    My First CUCV

    I saved my 1028 in my avatar. The guy that was there to look at it before I was there was going to make a rock crawler out of a really nice 40k miles truck.
  6. IdahoPlowboy

    Turboing a 6.2l build (another one)

    Great thread and info. I did the Banks kit on my 1028 and I totally love it. I have 36 inch Swampers and a 4 inch lift and this truck rocks right of the start even in deep snow and mud. I am going to do one on my 1009 soon.
  7. IdahoPlowboy

    New 1009

    I gave up on any repros and will send a core to Just Dashes.
  8. IdahoPlowboy

    CUCV Cooling System Upgrade Kit

    I am very interested in this are they still for sale?
  9. IdahoPlowboy

    Need new dashpad. Which brand has held up best?

    What is the original color? Carmine red?
  10. IdahoPlowboy

    Door/Vent Window Weatherstrip Install

    That is very helpful Thank you!
  11. IdahoPlowboy

    Anyone here own the m1008 on adventure week?

    It doesnt say in the article that he is a member of Steel Soldiers.
  12. IdahoPlowboy

    CUCV Electric

    Thanks for being a condescending! Yes I can read but I would like to know more than just locking the thread because you say so.
  13. IdahoPlowboy

    CUCV Electric

    Why not keep it open for us little people!
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