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    M1030M1 Diesel Leak

    the cranking is the key, if it starts within 2-3 cranks perfectly, will never see the issue. It's when more than 6+ cranks and onward without letting it cool between. That is when things get hot haha.
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    M1030M1 Diesel Leak

    The issue is the solenoid isn't built for that battery OEM or aftermarket. The OEM will last longer yes, but I have burned and melted both OEM and aftermarket ones. It also how many times it's cranked. Since it heats up quickly, needs a few minutes between to cool off a bit.
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    M1030 engine into a Kawasaki KLR

    VERY HARD, I have 3 spares and not letting go of any. It would be easier to purchase a M1030M1
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    M1030M1 HDT Diesel new purchase

    Perfect let me know, I can 1 ready.
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    M1030M1 HDT Diesel new purchase

    It's to prepare you for the reality of this bike and what they've been going for recently. Here is one example attached.
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    M1030M1 HDT Diesel new purchase

    Just a heads up, it would be between 11k to 20k as im guessing. Also be sure to check if the bike has been serviced or maintained
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    M1030M1 HDT Diesel new purchase

    A few things can happen here. First thing I would check is this area, make sure you didn't blow your springs within the advance unit. DO NOT touch the weights or springs. just make sure its all intact when take off the plate. If that's all good, then you possibly blew the fuse or the starter...
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    M1030m1 injector

    Which Injector as its 2 parts since there is one in the fueling unit (under airbox) and another on the head. Shoot me a PM if you need parts. Have many spare parts, blocks and cylinder heads.
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    Kawasaki M1030M1 Manuals

    There shouldn't be this from 86 but I only know this particular M1. First things, replace all fluids, lines and filters. Also make sure you obtained a bike that started, not doesn't start. As at times you have a difficult part or a simple glow plug that needs replacing. What pieces are missing...
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    Manual for M1030B1, USMC Motorcycle ?

    I've been looking for the M1030M1 Tech manual, and they don't have one for them as well. Just an operations manual. Kawasaki Manual is your best bet, but if i come across one ill post it.
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    Kawasaki M1030M1 fuel filter part number

    Any of them will work, Shell, Mobil, Amsoil, just DON'T use Synthetic oil. Also make sure you get the air out of the system before starting.
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    New from FL

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    2018 Florida Winter Rally(MOUNT DORA FL

    Great show, showed up late on Saturday. Made some new friends and learned more about some vehicles. Thank you RAYZER for the awesome gift :)
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    Florida Winter Rally, Mt Dora, Buy-Sell-Trade Thread

    Only one way to find out. Ill be at the show Saturday, possibly riding in or trailer-in.
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    Kawasaki M1030M1 Manuals

    Its one of those you learn as you go. Pray nothing breaks internally. If it does, its a one off part. Head gasket and all.
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