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    where can i buy mep003a parts?

    FYI, sent you a text earlier today to see if we can make arrangements to look at your machine. Let me know if you didn't receive it.
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    mep 803a power at lugs one time

    Good deal! Glad it worked.. (y)
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    where can i buy mep003a parts?

    In my case I think I removed a #12 and installed a #14 if I recall correctly. I think I had to step up 2 sizes. I have lots of buttons, but have used up most of the thicker ones. I would need to see what size you need. I don't think I have anything thicker than #12 or #13 left in my pile! Lets...
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    mep 803a power at lugs one time

    Check the ammeter for reversed wires on the backside. Reversed wires makes it read discharging instead of charging. Should charge at 10A+ and slowly come down to zero within a few minutes.
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    Anybody parting out an 804a?

    With a min. buy of 100 pcs.! rofl Watch it be cheaper to buy a plasma cutter, a welder and a hydraulic bender and fabricate one yourself!
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    where can i buy mep003a parts?

    The timing buttons are available on the internet. I also have a variety of them in my stash, but be forewarned, the thicker buttons are most commonly the needed ones ( #14 15 and 16 ) and of course these are the hardest to find and most expensive. The procedure to test is laid out in the TM and...
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    where can i buy mep003a parts?

    Well, try reading this post. I still can't explain why, but I have an ultra low ( 6 ) hour 003, completely untouched since new and had the exact same symptoms as you. I tried everything! testing compression, lapping...
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    where can i buy mep003a parts?

    Has this machine always run like this? Or did you ever see it behave "Normally"? As for the parts, you can get the updated head gaskets direct from Cummins for about $15 ea. Also try If you need a valve, also look around on the internet, but do not search under "Mep-003 valve"...
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    Mep-002A 003A 004A 005A Drop in Spin on Fuel filter adapter

    Great, thank you for your interest. Ray.
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    Updated - MEP-803a Has arrived! (Formerly "On Its way")

    Something else you may want to consider when finalizing your design: I recently serviced an 002 that I sold to a customer 6 or 8 years ago. He had put it on a Pre-made cart he had found at a yard sale. The cart was designed to move pipe / conduit around in a warehouse and it was exactly the...
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    Advice needed - new guy with MEP004A

    I agree with Scoobyshep. I don't trust that alternator setup, but maybe it's just because I'm not familiar with it. Aftermarket AVR's can be had cheap. That SX460 is still available ( Chinese knock off ) for $20 all over the internet. You could probably buy 4 or 5 of them for less than the Delco...
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    Advice needed - new guy with MEP004A

    Sounds like you have already decided what you want to do for control system, but if things change, I wonder if this gen would be a good candidate for an SX-460 AVR? I've used them a few times on different military gens and they have worked well every time.
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    MEP 805A Gen-End destruction? + Newbie

    Agree with Guy, dismantle the gen head and report what you find, that should easily allow us to determine what went wrong. Either way it's a mechanical gen failure, nothing caused by you.... although you really should have a full understanding of the machine, how to operate it and how to prep it...
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    MEP-802a Power on only 1 leg?

    Correct, K1 is the circuit interruptor, buried back in the left corner behind the inner control panel back wall. Have to remove the top cover to access it.
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    MEP002a panel lights out

    See reply #5, the only breaker on the entire DC side is on the front panel and kills EVERYTHING. So if your panel lights work, the breaker has not popped. Check for 24V at the cannon plug for the pumps. Do you hear any of the pumps in either aux. fuel or prime/run position? You have 3 pumps in...
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