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    MEP-016B Injection Pump Jammed

    So where did you put the ATF in the top line fitting or did you take the top off and put it inside? If you haven't already done so, you can take the top part off and get the ATF right in. I think this is how the one I worked on originally got messed up. It was stuck but the owner got it freed...
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    Advice on Overhauling MEP803A engine

    Occasionally they come up on ebay, but none right now. Maybe you could find someone with a 400hz 813 willing to either sell it or part it out for a reasonable price??
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    MEP-016B Injection Pump Jammed

    No, you can't do that. Everything goes in from the bottom, not the top. Believe me it's very simple... take it out and it's a breeze, might just need a magnifying glass to see the alignment marks on the parts.
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    Consequences of Failed Interlock – When the Grid Feeds Your (out-of-sync) Generator

    Oh yea... not a good thing to mis-match the syncronization! The lesser of the sources will instantaneously " correct itself" violently and in this case catastrophically! I was actually expecting a much louder bang when the relay closed, but still amazing to see the gen jump up in the air.
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    MEP-016B Injection Pump Jammed

    I have seen issues with these pumps. I recently worked on a 701 that would decrease the fuel flow when you want to increase and vice versa. Turned out the pump was originally stuck and the owner was able to fiddle with it and free it up, but it caused the upper "Cup" to turn and that completely...
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    Mep-002A 003A 004A 005A Drop in Spin on Fuel filter adapter

    I've finished making the first batch of adapters and have posted an ad in the Classified section. Also check out the new pictures of a 3 filter set up ( water separator , coarse filter and fine filter ) Those with a keen eye will notice that both filters are the same PN, that was only for the...
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    RI Mep-002a 003a 004a 005a Drop in spin on fuel filter adapters

    Fuel adapters are $80 ea. Oil adapters are $75 ea. and shipping is a flat rate $13.
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    RI Mep-002a 003a 004a 005a Drop in spin on fuel filter adapters

    They are ready for sale. Drop in fuel filter adapters for your Mep-002a through 005A generators. 100% drop in, clean design with no additional parts, fittings or brackets required. Mounts right in place of your existing Fram housings and uses the original 90* elbows and the original fuel lines...
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    The infamous Well Nut info

    You are correct, the Ultimate well nut would be the way to go if I was keeping the machine for myself, but these are for resale and with today's market it's difficult to justify any extra money spent on upgrades. Buyers don't want to pay any extra even knowing you upgraded all the machine's...
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    Wanted! Reward available.

    How about a punch in the nose.... ?? In all seriousness you are correct, it's one of the worst designs... but one way to overcome it is to use a radiator funnel Not a regular funnel but the one that locks on like a radiator cap and has an attached adjustable funnel that also allows you to bleed...
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    The infamous Well Nut info

    I'm going to order 2 from Suprman today. I have found the hard way that A3816 doesn't always get you Nitrile. The ones GM sells are clearly marked as Chloroprene which has a "D" rating for diesel fuel, about equal to Neoprene. I have used Chloroprene before ( $5 at Grainger ) and they only...
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    Mep 803a rebuild

    Use your favorite B.FD.H. Big F-ing deadblow Hammer. (y)
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    Advice on Overhauling MEP803A engine

    I have had excellent success honing the DN2m's and DN4M's oversized. I have honed them up to .020" oversized and installed oversized pistons from Mayi Diesel. They sell .010" .020 and .030" oversized piston / ring sets. Also, you don't need to do all 4 pistons, only the damaged cylinders. The...
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    MEP002A alternator fuse

    Just go to the parts store and grab a 5 pack of AGC fuses in whatever rating you want from 15 up to 30 Or they may have an assorted pack. They will all fit in the holder, just slightly different amperage rating. If you have a serious failure even the 30A will still pop long before anything else...
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    Need thermostat for Mep 005a

    Exactly.... The original was a Robert Shaw high flow style. The regular ones work just as well, but are worth about $8 at your local parts store instead of the $25 the Robert Shaw's typically sell for. I once needed to replace a smashed hour meter on a gen. Found a listing at a big name...
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