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    Who dat on 87 Wednesday?

    Somebody won an auction at Fort Polk. Saw one deuce towing another on Texas 87 between Newton and Orange around 1:00 Wednesday, May 7th. Anybody gonna 'fess up?
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    New Member with "new" Deuce -Need help in Texas-Br

    Welcome Aboard Hunter. We're in Dallas. If we can be of any help just let us know.
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    Turbocharger flange gasket

    Was NAPA able to look it up as a White/Hercules/Continental or LDT-465 part or is there a cross #. My Napa distribution center has been hiring counter people with NO experience. If you don't have a number, you don't get it! Period!
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    Another LDT with Windows.

    Kenny, What'll ya take for that Danged ol' D turbo? I just pulled the inlet air tube off mine and found metal shavings thrown up as high as the air filter connection and it has zero end play even though it turns freely. So I figure it's turbo time. At least we're getting a handle on the oil...
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    CB Antenna kits?

    Ah,ha! I was just about to believe in magic! I didn't realize the mast was nonconducting and had a center conductor. The last one of those I saw was solid metal. Oops, that dates me. Anyway, that is a slick way to go. You ought to take orders for some.
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    CB Antenna kits?

    What am I missing here? How did you keep the shield from shorting to the center conductor? If the shield (body of the right angle) is soldered to the hex and the antenna mast is threaded into the hex, where's the insulation? And how did you keep the soldering heat from melting the poly inside...
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    CB Antenna kits?

    Take a look at the Flightcom 403 intercom. It's tiny and it works on 28 V and it's cheap(er) if you can pick one up on ebay. Also does stereo with radio override and pilot (that's you) isolation. A simple switch or two will allow you to use more than one radio, say CB and GMRS or ham...
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    Directional Signal Question

    A bit pricey, but a product called DeOxit does a good job of cleaning up electrical contacts before you seal them up with grease.
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    Draft Tube Question

    Aaahh! Hanky Panky in the Cranky Case! Gotcha!
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    Draft Tube Question

    OK, I'll bite. What's a spooge and how would I know one if I met it in a dark alley?
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    Directional Signal Question

    Lee, Just a guess but I'd take a look at the light switch. You didn't say if it was in Service Drive or Stop Light but those are the only two positions that power is supplied to the Turn signals. Could be the engine vibrations were enough to keep the switch contacts touching... And you're...
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    Turbo Diagnostic

    We've been careful to follow the 5 minute idle regimen on start/stop but who knows what was done before we got it. Thanks for the good info; it really makes sense. I'll check it out and report back.
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    Turbo Diagnostic

    Believe I do - haven't used it in a while. If push comes to shove I can always improvise. Could that be a source of oil coming past the seal on the exhaust side? If it turns out the turbo needs work is it reasonable to have it done or just toss it? I watched it the other day after shut down...
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    A very ODD electrical problem

    m35a2c..., Actually, I had no idea it worked that-a-way 'til I read it in a post last year! What goes around, comes around! Jim, Did you ever get the right turn light working? Did the schematic make it? Also, I thought the oil filter spin on conversion consisted of just a 'close nipple' with...
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    Turbo Diagnostic

    Ken, As I recall there was no end play on the turbine shaft, but I'll check it again when I get the time. Put Dad in the hosp. with CHF at age 97 so things are a bit busy right now. Still need to follow up on Bjorn's suggestion of checking the flame heater. Thanks for the help.
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