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    Findlay Ohio 2021 show, Sell, Trade, Wanted List/ May14-16

    How much for a good windshield and possibly a radiator for a m1078 (3116)?
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    Buying advice

    Rgrob, I purchased my LMTV from a private party and still ended up having a few major issues, fortunately I have the tools and space to do my own repairs and for me thats part of the fun. I live close to you (Plain City) , if you want to visit some time I would be happy to show you my truck and...
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    Locking fuel cap

    Happy New Year JonM934! Thanks for the quick reply and clear explanation of how it works, Regarding the water freezing I found some caps (Velvac) with a rubber cover over the key opening, based on your feedback this seems like a necessity. Thanks, Mike
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    Locking fuel cap

    Nice addition to the truck. I want to add a locking cap to my M1078 but couldn’t see how the cam keeps the cap secure. How does the cap lock to the tank? I don’t see a flange on the filler neck for the cam to catch on? Thanks in advance for the info.
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    3D Printed Tool for Hub Shimming/Setup

    The cut down hub holds the spider gears in the hub similar to what is shown in your picture. You rotate the hub so one of the spider gears is at the 6 o clock position and use a dial indicator with the plunger against the gear tooth to measure the lash. You rotate the spider gear to take up the...
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    Got a FMTV WtechIII trans (working) and need WtechII or the updated harness

    Coachgeo, I have been following your M1078 build with interest. Sorry I can't help with the Transmission question. I am interested in the M1079 box when you are ready to sell and fortunately I am somewhat local. Send me a PM with details.
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    Air Filter CFM requirements for 3116 and 3126

    gimpyrobb please post some pictures and pm me a price as I am interested in more airflow
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    questions on installing the vertical windshield area support (cab support)

    I removed mine with no problem with nothing else removed except the defrost defuser that sits on either side.
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    driver door glass!!!

    I didn’t see anything in the TM. I first rolled down the window and then pulled out the rubber glass channel. I next drilled out the rivets holding the metal channel in and the screws at the bottom and then removed the metal channel Next unbolt the glass and pull up and out.
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    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    Toby, I tried to PM you your inbox is full.
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    Metal valve stem availability?

    Can be purchased from Eriks Military Surplus part number VS-1090- ALT
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    How does CTIS valve attach to rim?

    A standard size schrader valve will screw directly into the end of the valve stem on the LMTV. The adapter you show is for a large bore valve stem which is not used on a LMTV. MRAP rims do have the bigger valve stem. The LMTV CTIS elbow will not fit these.
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    3D Printed Seal Driver

    Looks great, when I did mine I turned a piece of aluminum down and added a handle. I may have to make a 3d printer one of my next major purchases. What CAD software are you using?
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