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    68 years new... Hello all from the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania.

    Welcome to the forum. I see you are based in Mt Pocono and work at Tobyhanna Army Depot (Electronics Repair Depot to the Army) I had a posting there 30 years ago when I was in the Army (Logistics 92Y4O F5 Senior Suppy Sergeant) and it was pretty country but mobbed with New Yorkers at the...
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    Steel Soldiers migration 12/9/19

    The upgrade looks good. Attaching pictures seems to be easier too.
  3. Super Warrantman

    Day Trip Ohio-Indiana

    I'll bet you needed the fire wrench to get those lug nuts off if the brake was locked up that bad. :recovry4x4::recovry4x4::naner:
  4. Super Warrantman

    AF Blue M35

    Sweet job. Nice touch on the glove box lock, but are you sure that is a GSA High Security padlock? :? Snuffy will be in that in two shakes if it's only a brass padlock.:mrgreen:
  5. Super Warrantman

    MV illegal on highway in Canada (Quebec)

    I did not, and I don't imagine anyone else did either. The hoohah down here is about the HMMWV and its non-road legal status. We're trying to get that changed.
  6. Super Warrantman

    Need some clarification on M880 Camo Pattern

    The interior of my M882 is all black - seat, door panels, and dashboard (pad). The floor covering is just a black rubber mat. I don't recall any variation in the interior color scheme in the M880s I drove back in the 1970s. I don't remember what the majority of the trucks were painted back in...
  7. Super Warrantman

    New M1008!

    Looks like a pretty clean M1008. Even the dash pad appears nearly new. Congratulations. It looks like you or someoe else has replaced the sealed bean headlams with LEDs. How's that working out for ya?
  8. Super Warrantman

    Can't Find Info On My M998

    Just as a matter of curiosity, where has Wright-Patterson AFB moved its DRMO yard? I live in Fairborn and have gone by the place that used to be their DRMO yard at the end of Kauffman Avenue and there is nothing there. It used to be quite full of HMMWVs and 5 tons, but there is nada, zip, zero...
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    M886 Commo Truck Build

    For what it's worth, there were 1976 and 77 models. The parts TM has a note of some items that were only used on the 1976 models. Tom Zat sold a few 1976 M880s. Here's a picture of one he had on his web site. I don't think he has any more though. I bought my 1977 model from him in 2011.
  10. Super Warrantman

    Civilian spark plug cups, on non waterproof older spark plugs in M35 Reo.

    Very clever + nice work. Was there a question?
  11. Super Warrantman

    Runs only in "Start" Position

    These are pretty simple ignition systems. As NDT suggested, poke around with a voltmeter to see if you're actually getting power in the run position. You could have a faulty ignition switch, or a switch that needs adjusting.
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    New Wisconsin show/rally Aug 12th, Central Wisconsin Military Show

    Welll...I doubt the owner really drives it to shows, what with that broken windshield and all. (If he does, then he's a bigger fool than I thought he was.)
  13. Super Warrantman

    New Wisconsin show/rally Aug 12th, Central Wisconsin Military Show

    Here are a few shots I took of the GEN Junk/MAJ Rust truck at the 2015 Iola Military Vehicle Show & Gun Swap meet. The driver must find it pretty hot in the cab when the engine is running. Cool B/O lamps though.
  14. Super Warrantman

    New Wisconsin show/rally Aug 12th, Central Wisconsin Military Show

    Sorry I missed the show. I had reservations made at a Wausau Best Western fpr the purpose, but I ended up canceling them as I had been on the road for three weeks prior following up car shows in the Mid West and by Friday the 11th of August, I just wanted to go home. I'll be there next year...
  15. Super Warrantman

    1976 m880?

    The Dodge M880s I remember from the Army were identical as any manufactured product can be. The only obvious difference was the change over to the 1977 front end. (Dual headlamps and turn signals in the grille next to them.) They did not have a factory VIN number plate at the left corner of the...
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