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    Oil and pressure gauge for mite

    I am going to do that on mine. However, since I am keeping it all original (for the value of that) I will use a removable bracket and mount it under the dashboard, so that any future owner can just remove it. The "idiot lights" that are on it now will continue to work, just have the gages so I...

    mighty mite fuel strainer

    To my knowledge, there is NO OEM fuel strainer available for the MM. It was unique to the vehicle. On mine, I put a new gasket on the bottom access panel to the old strainer area and sealed all the bolts, knowing I would probably never remove it again. For the intake tube inside, IF your tube...

    Mighty-mite restomod ideas

    Are you familiar with D&L Bensigner? They have the most Mite parts that I'm aware of. That's who I got most of my parts from. Good to work with, and very knowledgeable. If you've got a parts rig, don't throw anything away. Especially body parts, as those are almost impossible to come by.

    Mighty-mite restomod ideas

    Hi "eou-edu" and welcome. First, if I read correctly, you are in Portland, OR??? If so, I'm out in Hillsboro. I'm just finishing up a full restoration of an M-422A1 Mighty Mite, the "long body" version. Now, if you know where there is a running in this area, I'm surprised. And, please...

    Mighty Mite Questions

    To reply to what Kyle says above, all true. The blower housing will also rust out if the dang mice build a nest in it as well. For the jacking part, true. The manual actually says DO NOT JACK on the differential. Being bolted to the engine, the front engine mount is just a single rubber...

    Mighty Mite Questions

    Hi hndrsonj. OK, let me answer, and take exception to a few of the statements made here. First, I am on the home stretch of restoring my M422A1 MM that I acquired a couple of years ago. Yes, it's been a project, and sometimes a challenge, but I have not run into anything that would have kept...

    Coming down the home stretch (MM)

    It's been almost two years, but I'm beginning to see the end of the project. My MM rebuild has been challenging, to say the least. Had I known what I was getting into, I probably would have thought twice. BUT, it is really unique and intriguing, and I'm not sorry I did it. The engine is...

    South Wind heater

    Question of the day; has anyone who has an M-43 ever fired up the gas fired heater in the patient compartment? I'm looking to use mine, if it's feasible. Everything looks to be in good shape, unit doesn't seem to have been used much, still "new" looking. However, don't want a possible "bomb"...

    '42 GPW script Navy jeep

    Ah yes, the ongoing questions regarding proper color and markings on a Navy jeep. As I read more, I find that "most" of the jeeps that wound up in Navy hands were either "given" to the Navy, were "commandeered" or were part of the Marines. Regarding the one Admiral Nimitz has (had) on the...
  10. TAKPAK

    '42 GPW script Navy jeep

    Agreed that it is somewhat inaccurate. I guess it was whatever the restorer felt was right. I definitely plan to paint the wheels Navy gray. Still kind of on the fence as to the bumpers and visible parts. May go ahead and paint them too. I don't think I will go to the bother of painting the...
  11. TAKPAK

    Mighty Mite project update

    Wow, there seems to be a dearth of posts regarding Mighty Mites. Although, I can understand that since there are so few of them around. That said, I'm ramping up the work on my MM again. At this point it's all disassembled and the engine is at the machine shop. It was in good/bad shape...
  12. TAKPAK

    '42 GPW script Navy jeep

    Last May, I acquired a "restored" 1942 GPW script Navy jeep. Well, it's painted Navy gray anyway. I'm well aware that most of those "Navy" jeeps were acquired by "other means" so to speak. Anyway, even though it was restored, and a decent restoration it was, I still had lots of little issues...
  13. TAKPAK

    Mighty Mite radio?

    Well, somehow things didn't work out quite right in attaching the picture the first time.. Anyway, here is my 1962 MMA1. It was a "field find" in that it had been sitting for about 50 years outside. Covered somewhat, but......! All original, though. Anyway, my question is, does anyone know...
  14. TAKPAK

    Air Force M-43 markings

    One more time to ask for help......! In sanding and prepping the ambulance, I discovered some painted over markings. They are over the rear doors, between the gutter and roof line. After sanding it lightly, the ID "popped" right out. It is the original markings, U.S.A.F. 53K 774...
  15. TAKPAK

    Air Force M-43 markings

    Great and thank you. Now I just hope someone can help me with today's post, and the couple of questions I have left! If nothing else, I like to be accurate with my information! In watching that "new" show, "Night of American Trucks" I can't help but wonder how some of our military rigs would...
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