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    DEUCE BRAKE LINE REFERENCE GUIDE (Sizes, lengths, fittings)

    I got a quote and made a purchase from Iris Industries, Inc. today for a gallon on DOT 5. It was $72.35 shipped ground to 55123 for a gallon - still a great price. They still want payment by personal check, and they are quick to respond to email inquiries. Thanks again for the referral...
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    Where to find a complete, working RT-524

    Hey Dave. We made a long weekend of our West Coast trip and got back late in the evening on Monday, June 7. I missed the last three WI shows but will be at this year's WI show. Where will you be set up?
  3. tcruwithme

    Where to find a complete, working RT-524

    Ok, here's an update. Doug at Pvt. Jarhead did respond to my e-mail, and they are still in business. He had a good RT-524 for sale at $400 + shipping, but I already made a deal with a seller in one of my Facebook groups. So, Pvt. jarhead still has one if anyone is looking. I made postings to...
  4. tcruwithme

    Where to find a complete, working RT-524

    I did send Doug at Pvt. Jarhead a message a few days ago, and I received an auto-response that said, "We will not be answering emails from May 21 through May 25." So, it will be interesting to see if they are still in business. I bought a couple things from him a few years ago. I have an...
  5. tcruwithme

    Where to find a complete, working RT-524

    Yep. That would be great if I can find one sort of close. However, I suspect I'll have to climb a mountain, fight through a forest fire, battle grizzly bears, and give my left nut to find one.
  6. tcruwithme

    Where to find a complete, working RT-524

    Thanks Guyfang. The Reforger listing is no longer available as is the Army Radio Sales listing. I already have an R442 unit, so I'm not exited to pay two grand for a 524 + 442 package. No luck on the Greek eBay (or for any RT-524 listed in all of Europe). I'll keep looking. Thanks again.
  7. tcruwithme

    Where to find a complete, working RT-524

    Does anyone know where I can find a complete, working RT-524 for sale? I have an active search on eBay that hasn't turned up anything. I called Fair Radio Sales, emailed Pvt. Jarhead, and looked on sites like Murphy's Junk. I made posts to a few groups on the facebooks, but nothing has turned...
  8. tcruwithme

    VIC-1 plastic caps...

    Yes, Reco Defense did have some as of two months ago. Good recommendation.
  9. tcruwithme

    Vic-1 Dust Caps

    I got a bunch from Gary at RECO Defense. If you still need some, give them a call at (859) 230-7675
  10. tcruwithme

    Canvas cover for RT 246 RT524

    The cover for the RT-246 or RT-524 is part number CW-653. With that part number, you can find the NSN. Good luck with your project.
  11. tcruwithme

    WTB VRC-47 set CUCV

    You will probably need to piece this together one item at a time from several sources. The AN/VRC-47 used a RT-524 transceiver and R-442 auxiliary radio. So, you will need two antennas. The antenna for the R-442 can be something like the AB-15/GR base and AT-1095 antenna whip or the MS-116A...
  12. tcruwithme

    AB-15 Antenna Sections problem

    TM 11-5820-401-10-1 says that if any of your MS-116A, MS-117A, or MS-118A antenna sections break, you can replace all three of those antenna elements with one AT-1095/VRC. I suggest that in case you can't get those sections to work correctly.
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