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    mep002a injector pump?

    Subscribed. I know that this is an older thread but the information is incredibly valuable. Thanks to everyone who has posted.
  2. tstone

    All Military Vehicles banned from road in Maryland

    You make some very valid and concerning points. The Aberdeen show will probably continue for now, as you stated that there is actually no legislation (yet) that may restrict current registered vehicles, but in time our rights to operate these vehicles on the road may be challenged. There are...
  3. tstone

    All Military Vehicles banned from road in Maryland

    I have several 2 1/2 Ton and 5 Ton vehicles tagged "Historic" which I use in compliance with MD law.;M35, M816, M818 and 817. I use them for shows, parades, outreach programs for ministry and for pleasure. The concern that I have after reading all of this is; are we subject to not having...
  4. tstone

    Member Map

    Patracy, I found your post about the membership map when I was searching for the link tonight. I always found it to be a useful resource when planning local events, thanks for your efforts.
  5. tstone

    Tiny House On A Steel Soldier “Redux” Expedition Build

    Subscribed. Great job on your project! Tom
  6. tstone

    BBQ and Military Vehicles

    Guys, our church is sponsoring a thank you BBQ in Sykesville, MD for all Veterans, Active Duty Military and First Responders. The event will be located at Piney Run Park in Sykesville, MD, Pavilion 6, July 28, 2018 @ 4:00 PM. We will have good food and company. All military vehicles are welcome...
  7. tstone

    Graves Mountain Rally August 30 - September 3, 2018

    SUBSCRIBED, want to come. Tom
  8. tstone

    45th Annual East Coast Military Vehicle Rally Militaria Flea Market 10-12 May 2018

    It doesn't seem that there is much interest this year. Anybody going? Tom
  9. tstone

    Maryland State Inspection- HMMWV registered as an AM General Pickup

    If you register your MV in Maryland as Historic, you are not required to have a MD State inspection. With historic tags you are limited to driving your vehicle to shows, your mechanic, limited pleasure drives, parades and other similar events. If you use it as a daily driver or use it as you...
  10. tstone

    Need to replace diodes on armature of mep002a

    It is best to use a heat sink between the electrical component and the termination where the solder connection will be made. A heat sink can be as simple as an alligator clip or anything else that will absorb heat close to the component to protect it against excessive heat while soldering. Make...
  11. tstone

    Engine block madness!

    I don't recommend using a block with a crack in any location; with expansion and contraction the crack could migrate. I'd see if you can find a good rebuildable engine or block, you'll be glad you did in the long run. Good Luck
  12. tstone

    Aberdeen 2017 (44th East Coast Rally held at Ripken Stadium May 11-13

    I've been going to the Aberdeen show since about 85 and have only missed it a few times. It is not the same show as it was on the Aberdeen Proving Grounds but it is still a great place to see some great vehicles, pick up some good parts at the flea market and hang out with friends. Your son...
  13. tstone

    Removing U joints on M1008

    I agree with Drock, the only time I've taken a driveshaft into a shop for work is when I have a damaged yoke or shaft and I can't fix it myself. GL was famous for fork-lifting their CUCV's and bending the drive shafts; the only way to fix them was to buy new or repair. When I replace my u-joints...
  14. tstone

    Trail ride and Convoy Fredrick Maryland

    Sounds great. What are the details?
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