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    mep003a valve clearance

    not really sure the valve clearance is for the intake and the exhaust valve are
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    where can i buy mep003a parts?

    Thank you for your help Ray , i am all set
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    where can i buy mep003a parts?

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    where can i buy mep003a parts?

    It's in a heated garage. it's not water and it's only one exhaust pipe that is smoking and pops 3 or 4 times for two minutes and blows white smoke heavy then cleans up after the two minutes. i am leaning towards a burnt exhaust valve. i got this generator back in 2012 and it said that...
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    where can i buy mep003a parts?

    the generator is mounted on a frame with big steel 6'' wheels and can be moved very easley . I can load it in my 12' trailer with a ramp . just let me know when you want me to bring it down and i can load it up beforehand..
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    where can i buy mep003a parts?

    what button size did you take out and what size did you put back in? do you have any extra buttons i can buy off you ? i can buy buttons off ebay individually and they are about $40 a pece. I read on another thread about someone having the same problem. he said about having a popping out...
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    where can i buy mep003a parts?

    Thank you for that info!! where can i get these buttons ?, and how technical is it to install this button ? your not far from me i like to talk to you about doing this. sounds a lot easier than pulling the head off. I have the breakdown info on the fuel timing is this the one i have...
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    where can i buy mep003a parts?

    Yes it did that , when i got it but it was just a little, and went away in 1 minute and stops smoking . Now it getting worse takes about 3 minutes and is starting to smoke more.But it always smoked at start up and made that Tiss noise 5 or 6 times and when it did that Tiss noise it...
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    where can i buy mep003a parts?

    I did that to , the cylinder near the fan is a little down when cold and comes up when hot
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    where can i buy mep003a parts?

    yes the glow plugs are working . The tissing sound now and then as it is puffing white smoke for two minutes sounds like a burnt exhaust valve . if it was a skip that would be more of a intake valve or a bad injector but the tissing sound comes from the exhaust pipe. I check the injector...
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    where can i buy mep003a parts?

    i have a bad exhaust valve and i need a head gasket . i had this generator for 10 years. One exhaust pipe on a cold start puffs white smoke and i can here it make a skip tissing sound once or twice for 2 minutes and then goes away . Then it runs great , i think one exhaust valve is...
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    MEP-002a and MEP-003a Spin-on Oil Filter

    How do i buy one of these adapter . I have no idea where to get one. can any one send me a email bedrock315@comcast .net or text me 508-669-6233 Thank you
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    mep-003a teardown and refurb

    where did you get the trailer? nice I like to do the same thing wit that trailer! verry nice job!!!!
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    Smoke 003

    I have a 003a that does the same thing out the number one cylinder. I checked everything .no blow by or block pressure , compressure test at 325,moved out injectors to other cylinders,moved out glowplugs to other cylinders,.It just might be a bad lifter or might be in the injecter pump. But I...
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    MEP 002 battery group?

    ((((((((((((It amazes me how many people have no understanding of electricity and think a bigger battery will make it start better. If I plug my computer into my welder outlet will it be twice as fast?))))))) I guess insulting me with a comment like that I guess I should use a axode...
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