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    Cold Weather and CUCV's

    I guess I'll weigh in, short and sweet. Top quality, high capacity batteries...1000 cca each, 15/40 or 30 weight oil, some difference 30 in winter 15/40 any other time. I put Kerosene in to thin my diesel fuel don't mess with additives, just sulphur and /or two stroke oil for lube. And of course...
  2. usmcpatriot

    M1009 rear steel brake line size

    Did you replace the rear valve too?
  3. usmcpatriot

    37" tires...

    Just get another truck to run "Highway Speed", don't think these trucks were made for highway speeds. Gladly run my truck under sixty-five all day long. Wanna go faster, Mercedes 300 SD turbo.....just truck looks better going slow anyway....just
  4. usmcpatriot

    My CUCV spin on fuel filter mod

    Might want to put a clear body prefilter right before the filter intake....just saying....
  5. usmcpatriot

    Voltmeter in Yellow

    I'm usually pretty good with mechanical, but electrics are my week point, and of course time.
  6. usmcpatriot

    Voltmeter in Yellow

    Ok, checked the truck today, and as per MarcusOreallyus, the situation in the diagram: I suspect for your truck what you will see is this (not using the push button): 24/12v (depending on whether you have done the resistor bypass) 12.07 volts 12v...
  7. usmcpatriot

    Voltmeter in Yellow

    I'll check the GP card, then GP relay, had a ST 58 relay from Napa back when, lets see. Thanks guys
  8. usmcpatriot

    Voltmeter in Yellow

    I changed the steering wheel way back when. So now I have to turn key to start. Guess that powers the system. Then just what I have been doing, so it worked that way, why change anything, I guess. The button I'm referring to is the manual glow plugs "button", if that helps? Thanks man.
  9. usmcpatriot

    Voltmeter in Yellow

    Sixty-five views, and no help. Just wondering is my post clear?
  10. usmcpatriot

    Starter Run On!! Please Help!

    I learned the hard way too, anytime I do electrical, disconnect the batteries. I also have the starter on manual start.
  11. usmcpatriot

    Voltmeter in Yellow

    After having the pleasure of not having too many issues with my M 1008 over the years, well that's over. Hopefully any you all can help. ok, here goes. Starting procedure is simple, turn key, GP light comes on, push manual GP button, till GP light goes off, push starter button, starter turns...
  12. usmcpatriot

    Starter and Alternator problems two questions

    I don't think so brother Cucvrus, more amps on my 08 means and sounds more juice for those cold days. Of course I follow the starting procedures. Just saying.:-P
  13. usmcpatriot

    Mile Marker 24v 12,000lb multi mount winch install

    Where you get the headlights? BTW great setup on the winch. Lots of people commented on my setup as being, "as being an accident waiting to happen". Still pulling logs, big ones and as I don't rough it to much, will do. Good luck great job
  14. usmcpatriot

    Won't start after gel up.

    During the winter, I use kerosene mix with diesel. Usually put two gallons of Kero to a full tank. My cucv starts all the time, as long as I go by the starting procedures. Good luck going forward.
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