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    generator cable

    found a couple of CX7453A/U cables, on RC435U reels. for the PU-618/620 power units. what other generator units use this cable?
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    forgive me for i have sinned !

    Chrispny There was two units both from Washington State police, sold at the Washington surplus center. Both were sd-12 / 96A; standard or special 12 kw diesel built in 1996 240volt single phase only. Industrial units made to work with ATS control, with coolant heater and oil coolers. #1 mine...
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    forgive me for i have sinned !

    I had in my dodge van, and needed to pull it out on to a trailer to get at the timing belt. It came an state agency via a auction, probability just bolted down for 20 years, auto- started once a week to charge the battery, maybe even washed. Still waiting on timing belt be shipped from amazon...
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    forgive me for i have sinned !

    Thanks to all. Zed254 down loaded the manual; haven't read it yet, tonight I hope. My gen is a SD12 - 96A, built in1996 as a industrial unit. The block is a 4 hole Ford/Mazda design built by the millions around the world, but only as a gas auto engine in the U.S. I haven't found which make...
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    forgive me for i have sinned !

    My first picture post look good on review, but who knows. If any body has ever worked on this type generator I would like any info you have. It is Mazda R2, 2.2lt. industrial. which was never sold in U.S. Generac corp. has no information on it. I know wrong site, so many different people with...
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    forgive me for i have sinned !

    I bought a orange 12 kw generator (name withheld to protect me) from an state agency, for less then 1/3 of what a mep 803 would cost. If there was any in the PNW to buy. Powered by a 4 cly Mazda diesel @ 1800 rpm, with 541 hours. A new timing belt is on order, the oem belt looked good but! Will...
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    Fuel filter housing for MEP-016B

    greetings I have fuel filter holder from 16b, no filter or hoses. I changed my unit to a wix base with a napa screw on filter. if you want the oem system pm me. lloyd
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    Proper generator grounding

    that is a rare earth electro-plating set up! Lloyd
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    Recommended spare parts for MEP-701a/016B??

    i'll try to answer your question. 1. fuel for 150hrs. maybe use your home heating oil tank, if you can. 2. lube oil 2-3 changes 3. filters 2-3 sets 4. small 24v battery charger to plug in when the oem unit fails. 5. ac voltage regulator. if nothing a replacement transistor for Q2, i have...
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    What should a MEP-002a / MEP-003a be worth?

    gen prices from the pnw, ft lewis, wash. two 003 on a trailer $4,000. 701 went for $541 & $590. a bunch of 16e down south, just in time for xmas.
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    MEP-016D Fuel tank lesson learned

    all you need is bolt, two metal flat washers, a couple pieces of rubber & a locking nut.
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    mep 16b & 701 replacement filters

    My first 701 bought at an estate sale (cheap) was missing the oem filter unit. The fuel line ran from the fuel pump to the ip. Plus the 3005 is a 3 micron filter.
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    mep 16b & 701 replacement filters

    Kevin I didn't take photos and the ask panels have been reinstalled. the wix base is a four port unit with input & output on each side. Mount the base where the old oem unit was, you will need new holes. I found the brass fittings at Lowes but any home or auto store should have them. I used the...
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    mep 16b & 701 replacement filters

    I have found that a (01-06) Dodge Stratus air filter fits. wix 46677, napa 6677, pur a25405 and others. You will need to make a small hole in the closed end. A # 2 phillips screw driver works. I also changed the fuel filter to wix 33005, napa3005 which is a 3 micron filter, on a wix 524770...
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