1957 GMC, Chrysler OR 1978 AM General 6x6 Deuce


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That's a GMC M211 series. I have a 52 out my front door. The bed is a custom fab on that. The engine, transmission, and transfer case are not correct. Look and see if the front driveshaft is hooked up if it is in fact a two speed transfer case. I am betting that either the front driveshaft is disconnected, the transfer case is the stock single speed, or the front gears are toast or missing... Or the truck has never been driven since the two speed case was put in because the front wheels are trying to spin a different direction than the rears and the truck won't move! Reason being, those front gears spin the wrong way, the factory t case reverses rotation to the front shaft to make the front tires go the right direction.

Its just titled wrong. You're basically looking at a truck with no title.
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Interesting truck. Please post more pictures so we can help with the identification. Looks like a M211 from what I can identify so far. Several people have incorrectly identified the M211 transfer case as 2 speed over the years. It is really for forward and reverse activation of the sprague...or something like that. It is kind of like theclaims people make about the 303 transmission being an "Allison" aua

I guess at this point we are just guessing without pictures.

Just a word of caution, take into consideration difficulties you may have due to discrepancies between the title and what the vehicle actually is. I don't know the laws where you are. If some of us were to buy this it would require Title/VIN verification by a law enforcement officer. Also, where I live I have to send pictures with the application to apply for specialty license plates. Some officers wont use the data plate for verification since it is screwed on. Once they find something that does not match, you may be in for a lot of grief.
I suggest taking the application from the dmv along. If you really want it, have an officer sign the verification it before you pay for it. Be careful! 2cents
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If the price was right, I'd be on it like a hobo on a ham sandwich.

No disrespect to hobos or ham were meant in the comment above.
Me and Tinkerbell appriciate that.


Some people take lots of truck bits and build a truck.

My guess, as others have said, is the title came with another truck that might have met an untimely death, and it either got plates from that dead truck, or the truck was sold to the current owner with the 1978 title. Or the owner and DMV just pulled something together when it was 'reconstructed'.

GMC M135 and M211 trucks did not have 2 speed axles or transfer cases, as the low gearing was in the transmission itself. If they are still both GMC axles, then it pretty much HAS to have an original GMC transfer, as it has two propeller drives out the back to get to both axles. Unless it has a CCKW transfer and transmission, which was also a popular transplant in the M211 series, especialy if they got repowered.

Either way, it is a hodge podge and could work great together or be a rusty can with a lot of loose bolts in it.

Looking forward to the pics and write ups after you take a peek at it.


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I still haven't made it up there to see the truck yet. I'm planning for sometime this week, no later than the weekend since I have Friday off work. I'd usually be a little apprehensive about the title, but knowing the Michigan DMV, They probably have the actual VIN, but the Vehicle Model as M35. I'll have to see the title and data plates to be sure.


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Could also be that the DMV doesn't recognise what a M211/M135 is. Most only keep record of make and model of vehicles for about 40 years.
They probably insured or registered it according to closest known make and model in their system.
I know when I looked into insuring mine they looked at me as if I was from another planet!!
A GMC what?!?!?
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