2013 Cincy-area Vets' Day Parade, Sun. NOV 3

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Cincinnati area Veterans' Day Parade, Sunday, NOV 3, 2013

Attention: Calling all MV owners and enthusiasts;

The Hamilton County (OHIO)Veterans' Day Parade will take place on:
Sunday, November 3th, 2013 in Mt. Healthy, OH (This is the north side of Cincinnati - Hamilton Ave north of Ronald Reagan Cross-County Highway)
The parade starts at 2pm. However, as usual, I anticipate a large group of big trucks. Therefore,the parade organizer has asked us to arrive at 12:30pm. If not, we will get split up or pushed to the back. We can easily kill and hour or two with B.S. stories.

I do not know the parade start point or route yet. We will receive this info after I register the group.

If you would like to attend, please respond here or send me a pm. I would like to get an estimate to the parade organizer so he can plan for our group.

Thank you,


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Dayton, Ohio
Pencil me in. I will be there unless I find something better to do on that day. But what could be better than a parade to honor our Veterans on my birthday???


Xenia, OH
I will be there, but without a truck. I will be riding along with JW in his 931. My 818 is still down due to the summer Haspin dog bone break. I have been making progress on it, but have gotten slowed down by stubborn lug nuts that do not wan to come off.


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Monroe/ Ohio
I wont be able to make it. I will be wraping up a 100 hour week Sunday. Hopefully I will be able to make it in. The spring when the parade season starts up.

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Ok, I see we have a few that have to drop out. Sorry you can't make it Rob (212Sparky) and Doug (2002ford). I also have a few PMs from others that have joined in. We are at about 10 trucks total. We can still add if we have any late additions !

Here is the important info.

Our staging area (meet-up place) is the parking lot areas on Hastings Ave between Hamilton Ave and Perry St. See the balloon marked (A) on the map below.

The parade ends at Perry and McMakin (Mt Healthy City Building)
There will be a short ceremony at the end as usual. We should be able to park nearby along Perry St. This is optional if you want to stay.

I think most of you have my cell phone number, but if not send me a PM and I will give it to you. Please in touch if plans change or if you need any additional info.

Mt Healthy Parade Route.jpg
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