Air Locking Axle Transplant for 5T, Anybody Done It?


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Livonia, MI
Looking to see if anybody has done the actual swap of the rare yet air locking 5t / 7t axles into our 5t trucks. This is not a drop an ARB carrier and not the MRAP axle. This is an entire air locking Rockwell top loader axle that was not supplied in 5t military vehicles, but supposedly fits and works.

adamsoffroadperformance seems to have published the most info about it, yet I can’t find any instances where anybody has done it. A few here own them, and are for sale (not cheap).

I have a set of all 3 lined up to acquire, but I am wondering if there is a roadblock that has yet to be found which prevents the swap from occurring or being successful (besides just my general acquisition of cool stuff that never gets installed).

Article said the M939 air brakes will swap onto them, the ratio will swap over, the CTIS may be possible but was yet TBD.

Appreciate any further feasibility info before I pull the trigger on this.



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If I could find a set I’d gladly dig into it and post pics of the results. I don’t see any reason why they wouldn’t work. All of the necessary components should swap right over. Hardest part would probably be removing the rivets to swap the air brake components over.

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