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Another Ahab

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Alexandria, VA
Thank you ! And nope fred is a chocolate lab. I've never heard of a red lab. Could you be thinking of a duck tolling retriver from nova scotia ?
Fred is a fine canine specimen, sure enough!

And funny that you mention Nova Scotia, have they got a special dog thing going on up there?

The reason I ask:

- I am born-and-raised in labrador retreiver country here around the Chesapeake Bay in the Mid-Atlantic

- I thought I knew ALL the local lab breeds until about a year ago walking along the C&O Canal here outside D.C., when I run into a guy walking with his dog.

- I couldn't make out the breed, LOOKED like a lab, but the coat was kind of russet (like a "red-headed" chocolate lab or something).

- I asked the guy and he says it's a "Red Lab" and that their native to somewhere up in NE Canada, like Nova Scotia or something.

Of course maybe he was making it all up, you know a comedian or something! But who knew? Something to learn every day.
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