G749 preservation


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The core of the OP Valour team is part of a "New Start" museum group with over 80 MV's between the various members. https://valourpark.org/ The hope is to continue preservation and build a place where the MV's can be stretched, maintained and shared with whatever segment of the population that wants it. The small displays popping up at various locations around Edmonton are the beginning of something extroidinaire, .....bonjour' and Merci, Mesdames et Messieurs.



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One of the boys knows some folks that needed to play some airsoft games with some other folks. The G749 farm is almost ideal for games and we had some visitors come stretch their legs. https://opvalour.com/

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This promotional video shows some of the sites around the G749 farm and now you won't need to drive all the way up North to see it, but you should. More to come.

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I grabbed some detailed pics of that golden 1952 M135 so dropping pics here makes sense.

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Wow! It looks like that was a really nice gathering of like-minded adventurers. Lots of nice toys to look at too... The four and six wheelers and things that go bang sure were impressive!

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