Gun Truck Brutus.


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Divorce was final May 1. :tank: Cleaning up the yard and well this past Saturday I spent 3 hrs on a pressure washer getting over 2 years of crap off the M-54A1. She did not want to run at first but with a really good charge on batteries and a good shot of ether by me and my most amazing girlfriend behind the wheel at the starter switch. She returned to the living with a sweet idle that only and ENDT-673 could muster.

been a very long road but I am back.


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Burgkunstadt, Germany
Greetings Gents,

I just got a frantic call from a German friend of mine about gun trucks in SVN, and Brutus, in a documentary. By the time I got him to slow down, the program was over. He claimed that he watched a show on the development of gun trucks in SVN. If so, can you all give me a lead on the documentary? Would be nice to watch. Back in 1973, we built something like Brutus, here in Germany. I was in HAWK ADA, and we needed heavy fire power to be mobile, for our MP's. Our security SFC claimed he had rode on such a truck in SVN, and he ramroded the project. We kept it for a few years in the unit, and one day had to turn in the truck when we got M813 drop sides. Would be intresting to see the documentary.
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