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Need to insure my 2003 AM General HMMWV MK1123
It’s not 20 years old yet so haggerty will not cover it.
Please tell me what insurance company you have for your younger than 20 year humvee and a contact name and number please…I need to get mine registered and on the road!!!
Thank you


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Danville il
try progressive, that's what I use, even got a discount for a "anti-theft" device (cable and padlock). $200 ish every six months for a m1009 and the m998

both 1986 models


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UGH... I'm about at my wits end with Progressive. They've been happily taking my money for more than a year and a half. I keep getting notified by that there is a discrepancy with my VIN. Evidently their computer can't handle 6 digits so they add eleven 1's to the number to fill the blanks but then they question the validity of the number. I have to call every 2 or 3 months are explain the 6 digits vs 17 digits. In April I was notified by the state of Arizona that (*that recognizes the correct 6 digits "VIN") my vehicle didn't have insurance. Called Progressive.."they'll take care of it". Tried to renew my registration online a few days before it expired in the end of August and low and behold, Progressive hadn't done squat and my AZ registration had been cancelled in May. *I* had to do all the work to prove my insurance hadn't lapsed and finally got everything sorted out. Here we are in October and I'm looking at notifications from Progressive that are querying my VIN and Arizona saying I don't have insurance. Looks like I'll be going to Haggerty for $140 more/year.

Edit: Hey Rocco, they're claiming they can't insure it because it's less than 20 y/o? I had no problem getting a quote for my 2008 1165.


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I have progressive, and the 6-digit serial number is my state VIN. I did have to send them a copy of the title, but all of the paperwork and insurance cards say "AM GENERAL - M998 - XXXXXX". So at least at a high level there should be none of this having to pad the number in their system. (Might be something at a state level, or your insurance agent sucks.)


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I have Hagerty on my 2006 M1165 - no drama getting it. I filled out the form online and had to call the guy, but that was because my WAG as to value was off. I guessed $30K for a replacement value, which is about $8K more than I currently have into it. He said he'd need the bill of sale and some other stuff, or I could declare a value of $24K and he'd be able to approve it right then without anything else, so I did that.

I have State Farm on my home and other cars, but I like the idea that I get full value if it gets totaled, which I don't think State Farm will do.

EDIT to add: It took some clicking around on the Hagerty website, but they have a place for military vehicles. You want to start there
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