Just bought my first Deuce!!


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I'm at my wits end.

So, my last post I had pre-ordered orings for my aluminum MRAP wheels. The vendor I got them from said they "should" be the right ones. Apparently there are a couple options. Thank you Uncle Sam. Last weekend took the wheels to my guy at Pomps Tire to get the XL's mounted up. No bueno. The orings were WAY to big.
The vendor was cool, I sent the old ones back along with one of the ones I took out of the rim.
Got the new ones yesterday. Today, split them all apart again, and started to set the new orings. Sonnuva.......
Wrong size. But much, much closer. Correct diameter. And holding them next to each other they are almost exact. But, lay them into the channel and they are just a hair too much. It keeps jumping out of the channel.
So, because i'm getting sick of this job not being done, I took 2 of them and cut an inch off of each one. Used silicone sealer/adhesive to "glue" them together. Used a ton of tire snot on the rest of the oring, and slapped them together. But, low and behold, I don't have a way to force the bead onto the rim. So I couldn't inflate to check to see if it worked.
So, now I have 2 of them sealed up (hopefully) and the other 4 waiting to see if the vendor can come up with something else.

I'm glad for him that I'm an easy guy to work with and not an ahole. I hope we come to a conclusion as to which size is needed for these and next time he'll know exactly what ones to use.

Looks like I am done with this project for this weekend. Summer is going to get short, fast.
0-ring is NOT rocket science.
Me thinks military. Like everybody on the planet some did decide what o-ring to use for that application. It has a number you know.

Even within SS I always surprised that this is not being followed.
O-rings do seal everything in the world.


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Sorry so long since the last update....Got the wife's garden done (with the bricks we hauled with the truck immediately after getting the bed back). I finally got my Flag pole i've always wanted.


In the mean time, gotta get things squared away for winter. Took the soft top off the truck, and put the hard top on for now. At least get it out of the yard before the snow flies. Took a little work, but I did get it to fit pretty good. At first I was surprised at how much of a gap there was between the corner of the window and the top. Could slip my whole hand between there. So, with a little help from a ratchet strap and Soldier "B" I got things lined up pretty good I think!


Now tomorrow I address a brake issue that has revealed itself. Was hoping to not rebuild an airpack just yet, but my gut tells me that is where we are heading. I'm ok with it, just wasn't on the list just quite yet. Truck had different plans.
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