M880 Master Cylinder Leak


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Clarksville Ohio
Hi guys, a few days ago I noticed that my Dodge was not holding fluid in the rear half of the master cylinder, and was actually bone dry inside, even though I had filled it completely and pumped it through the lines not even two months ago. After further inspection I noticed that the brake fluid was leaking out between the master cylinder and the drum behind it which I think is called the brake booster? I can see along the frame where all of the fluid had dripped to and has removed a bit of the paint on it. I removed the master cylinder and it appears that there is no gasket between the two of them. Is there suppose to be a gasket of somekind? If so am I able to use RTV because this is my daily driver and I would prefer not to have to go through the process of ordering a gasket and having it delivered. RTV or some other sealant in a tube would be much quicker for me. Thanks.

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