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I am impressed so many of you can hear your radios to begin with. As for the headphones, I know that the Montana drivers manual has a line about how you shouldn't use them but it isn't in the laws as an iron clad rule. That said who are you talking to and what set of rules are they going by? A HP officer that deals primarily with cars might have a very different interpretation than an MSC officer that deals exclusively with commercial truck law. Given how many of you that are cruising with tunes shows me that I need to work on more sound deadening stuff or maybe mine are just louder for some reason. I always make the kiddo use headphones and if I am honest most of the time so do I. The fact is I can hear better with them on, like they block out a range of disruptive noise. The idea that I could have the radio loud enough to hear it and STILL hear anything else outside floors me. How do you do it? I would love to be able to listen to ...something but my ears ring after a long drive as it is.



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I used a water proof marine box by pyle. I mounted it high up on the windshield post between the two halves. I made a little plate (shelf)for it to sit on and screwed it to the post. It is well out of the way of vision. I used the water proof box as the trucks do cry a little in the rain. The under dash thing was kind of sketchy as it doses tend to leak some in extreme weather. Part # on the box is plmrcb3. I painted it od and it looks military.
Of course you painted it. Satan?


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Sorry to drudge this up, but how are you powering the 12v radio? A single dedicated 12v battery and an additional 12v alternator?
You just need a 24 to 12v converter. They are common and cheap.

Or use 24v marine Bluetooth speakers.
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