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My MEP-802A had a blue S1 that would hang in the start position so I started looking for a replacement. I found another blue one on the auction site for $90 and passed. I sent an email to Electroswitch: I wanted the NSN 5930-01-531-2976, Model 75902LV version. The folks at Electroswitch indicated that this is an active model and could be purchased. The quote I received looked like this.
Below is our quotation for this Series 31 Control, 75902LV. If you wish to order this control, please complete the attached credit card form, .......... Pricing does not include shipping.

Qty: 1-4
Price = $97.45 each
Lead Time = 3-4 Weeks
Non-cancelable, non-returnable.
Quote is valid 30 Days, F.O.B. Weymouth, MA........

My inquiry started with a note to Include your address because they forward your inquiry to the Sales Person responsible for your geographic region: mine is East Coast.

Date: Sun, Jul 16, 2017 at 2:31 PM

Is your rotary switch 75902LV available? It is a Series 31 switch used in military generator sets as the Master Switch.


Pdf is the Electroswitch drawing, images show old and new switches, and the installed unit. The several Electroswitch people I interacted with were very helpful and made the purchase quite long as you can stomach the cost. I wanted an OEM 75902LV and am quite happy with my purchase. Note the diode is not included with the switch - I reused the one that was on my blue switch.

Hope this info helps others with the dreaded blue switches.....

I have one switch spare if you need!


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I would like to get a few spares of these switches. It looks like Im late to the party. Does anyone want to get in on another order. Ill take about 5 switcehs.

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I am placing the order Friday. With folks here and via private contact, I am up to 30 switches. If we can get to 50 better pricing is available. As Electroswitch is based in MA, they are going to collect sales tax on me (and a 3.5% credit card fee). So basically each switch with freight to me, then out to you all... instead of making prices for each delivery my life would be easier if we all agreed on $125 per switch, shipped to you via USPS. Provided everyone is OK with that... Friday will be the day the order is cut and paid for.

They quoted 5-6 weeks lead time on 10 switches, and 8-10 weeks on qty 50. If we can get to the 50pc mark, the cost per switch for everyone is $110/ea shipped.

For those who have said they are in, please confirm above is kosher with you. Thanks

Edit: I will need payment on the switches to get this going. I have a bunch of 'pokers in the fire' right now so I can't directly fund this. Those interested can PM me for payment info. Thank you.
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