Military Fire Trucks


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Post 459 illustrates the problems of using deuces to haul water in likely unbaffled tanks. Most tanks if they have baffles at all or for front to back. Make a sharp turn, the load shifts to the outside and over you go. If the capacity of the tank is 800 gallons, that weighs about 6600 pounds plus the weight of the tank which gets a M35 up to the highway weight rating. The Army used to put 1200 gallon tanker pumper units in M35s. After a few wrecks in the field they switched to 5 tons. I recall the NFPA or NIOSH reported the principle cause of firefighter deaths in apparatus accidents are tanker roll-overs. Be guided accordingly.


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I also pray for his recovery.

The P-23 has come and gone. It was delivered Friday. We were able to jump it and roll it off the RGN but had no power to the cab. Finally we discovered a power distribution lug in the cab threw a jump pack on it and the dash lit up like a Christmas tree. We were then able to take her for a spin and boy she really rolls the coal. It was surprisingly quick for a vehicle that weighs 49,000 lbs. Later we found a bad battery disconnect solenoid was the culprit. A quick wash and some new graphics and she's off to work.
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