My first multifuel?


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I'm going to guess it's an air actuated throttle raising device switched from the rear deck engagement lever. This lever at the cab side of the drag winch (on the crane deck) would also actuate the clutch pedal defeat cylinder. Upon engagement it would disengage the clutch pedal and throttle the motor up. This would be after you engaged the brake lock, shifted the transfer case in neutral, engaged the power divider lever in the cab and put it in 4th or 5th gear. Then you would go aft and engage the air switch actuating these two cylinders. Truck would then have power to the crane/winch deck. There's a select lever next to the air switch to choose crane or winch.

It's kinda goofy.

This is best I can remember. My 1967 M543A2 is still remote I hope to have all the brakes done in a month so I can get it back to home base. The next time I'm out there I'll try to grab some pictures. Also I think this may be what I got in a box of loose parts the previous owner had disassembled..... so thanks for the pointer!
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