Official 2020 Georgia Military Vehicle Rally (20GMVR) information thread


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We will have an announcement shortly about how we're replacing the MKT for food this year. Gunnermac will be posting it up in this thread.

I appreciate everyone's patience and all of you should thank Gunnermac this year because us going through with this is 90% because of him.

I would also like to thank Memphis Equipment, as they've once again stepped up and sponsored the rally and as D-town is now requiring the rally to pay for the porta potties and trash service, we couldn't do this without them.

I'll have the finished design of the shirts soon. I'll be making less this year, because I suspect the pandemic will push attendance down.

Speaking thereof, I want to remind everyone: There is a global pandemic. I don't care about your politics and if you post anything political about it in this thread, we'll delete it.

I expect everyone to be polite to others. You might think it's a hoax but many people don't. I expect you to respect other people, even if you think they're idiots.

Georgia residents are strongly advised to wear masks when around people other than your immediate family. Direct from the state's website:

The state isn't requiring it and they're not trying to fight counties over it anymore:

Greene County doe not appear to have a mandate:

I want all of you to consider the public perception of our hobby. We will give the hobby a permanent black eye if we become a super spreader event and we'll end up on the national news. So be smart.

I know many of you are opposed to masks, the rally isn't requiring them but I expect you to treat people who choose to wear them with respect.
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