Rear tire ctis problem


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Encountered a problem I havent noticed till I engaged the 2 to 7 ton mode on the truck.

Rears normally run 35psi unloaded and 55 psi when in 7 ton mode.
Never really had a need until recently testing a trailer and having a 3 ton container put onto the bed.

Engaged in 7 ton mode and the passenger mid rear tire starts goes from 35psi to 55psi then back down to 35 psi, with the air escaping from what I assume is a bypass on the passenger side steps.

Great help from Elijah on helping me pinpoint the problem hopefully to this seal on the tire ctis. It was completely eroded and now im hoping the new one in the mail will solve my problem.

When taking off the cover, all 4 of the screws sheared off and a powder immediately came out of the cover. The gasket was ragged and eaten at the edges.



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The rubber disc inside deteriorates. It leeches our chemicals that corrode the valves metal. Resulting in the above picture. The discs need to be changed out every 3 years and the valve cleaned out. Lmtvs are the same. If you got that new valve on eBay it came from me.
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