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Alexandria, La
This is an AMAZING NAIL BITING RACE!!! Super proud of EVERYONE!

That said...

When I first saw Bertha... she had been sitting in a field for several years....

I could lie and say it was love at first sight, but I wont...

I had to look really hard to see her potential...


She had a LOT of dirt and moss on her... flats all the way around and trees growing close to her, not to mention I was intimidated by her sheer size and my lack of knowledge.

But me never being one to back down from a challenge pulled the trigger and got ready for recovery day... it was about 38° and I had some AWESOME helpers, and the gent I bought her from came through with a portable air compressor and LOTS of knowledge to drop!



Then, once I learned how to start her (😳) a quick run through of controls and some whacking on a wheel with a sledge to release a brake, we were headed home!


Of course, we got home and I just stared at her in awe.... until the fact she was so dirty started bugging me...


And then she was home and clean... and then the real work began, which I've chronicled earlier...



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