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Why vote Seabee Auger?
  1. It's a rare and unusual truck from a service branch that isn't known for their wheeled vehicles
  2. It's an officially sanctioned setup by the US NAVY
  3. It's not only nice looking but ready to work - not a "hanger queen"!!
  4. Who doesn't like the Seabees?
M925 Seabee Auger Truck "Rags to Riches" story: I negotiated for her freedom from a Juvenile Detention Camp this year where she was neglected for some time. Wes picked her up for me and graciously brought along all the wasps and dirt dobbers. The truck was fully reset in 1998 in California for the Seabees and the Auger unit's 82 hours look original. Data plates show the truck has just over 1000 miles since rebuild and it included: rear lockers, fording kit, PTO, Auger install and bed fabrication, hydraulic outrigger install, full rebuild of the truck, and I'm sure other things we may never know. Basically the ultimate off road 5 ton.

I've gone all out to restore her back to her factory condition. Her original colors are green upper body and black chassis (though I went for a semi gloss black to give some semblance of character). The Seabee stencil is from the original design and all stickers were painstakingly preserved. I stripped the interior of the cab and obtained NOS seats, floor insulation, replaced glass, new steering wheel, and much more. It's nicer than my own M923A2 :cry:. All PMCS and needed repairs (fuel lines, etc, etc) were done of course and I've gone as far to replace the wood between the truck frame and the bed. She starts and moves quick despite the heavy auger on her.

The auger it self is an official Navy Redrill/Texoma 270-D (I'm assuming for Diesel) which is powered by a 353 Detroit. I pulled the valve cover and went through the top end of it (having done a few 8V92s in HEMTTs and 353s in Gama Goats it's all the same). Now, not trusting near 25 year old high pressure hoses near me I opted to change all the hoses on the unit. Hydraulic, fuel, you name it and it was well deserved. All fluids have been changed and she took every bit of a 55 gallon drum of oil to fill. o_O The unit is complete with all bits and is fully functional. Literally turn key. What you wouldn't guess is that the boom is literally designed to be a crane AND directional winch so it's an all-in-one platform for your Seabee on the go. From tip to tire it has my approval and should get yours. Vote for Fuzzy is a vote for the Seabee Auger!

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Congratulations on your win sir! Mighty fine truck.

I got to run one of those for an electrical contractor that had (if memory serves) a 30 foot boom. Could have been 25 and about 3 feet for an auger that measured twelve feet across and about four feet tip to connector bold. We used those for planting concrete anchors for steel highline towers. The one I ran was mounted on a 5 ton with a Continental gas engine and the back end was a 330 industrial Ford in front of a Funk transmission.

I have thought a lot of times that it sure would be neat to have one.

Again, FANTASTIC looking truck and Congratulations!

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