The site dictates what I want to see!


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For goodness sake, Someone please explain to me, why, When I click to view a post, or like tonight I want to vote for a vehicle entry in the September Vehicle of the month, Why does this annoyance occur?.
When I go to review the votes, and go back to check I made the correct selection IT IS NOT THERE! for me to see.!
The site programming dictates. " You already watched that, You can not watch it again!".
I find time and time again When I try to review a post it is no longer 'Visible' for me to view again.
(So, in this instance no vote for the chosen vehicle, as I can not remember the name associated with the entry or vehicle).
I can however see loads of pictures about one trailer only!.
That I can watch repeatedly!
This is MOST frustrating, And annoying.
At this juncture, And after clicking here there and everywhere to find, review or reply to the item, I just switch off the computer..
This seriously needs fixing moderators, I DO KNOW what I am searching for, Where in the process I wish to be exactly, And what I wish to do and or review.
Anyone else enjoyed this 'experience'?. And would like an easier progression through the site forums.
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