FL Title transfer problems!! please help!

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Hey Friends,

This is the original owner for BobWeb's Truck. My apologies for not joining the conversation sooner. I very much appreciate all of the comments and advice given in this thread, and I have been able to use a great deal of it while talking to attorneys in Tallahassee for the past few days about this titling and registration issue.

I have spoken to people from my county, Palmetto, Perry, and, finally, Tallahassee.

There is no reason, in my opinion, to call Palmetto at this time. If you get to the top of the chain there, you will speak to a man named Kemper McSpatin. He related to me that the decision is not in his hands, and he even made comments that inferred that he agreed with me and was also annoyed. However, Kemper said that if I could get his superiors to give him the green light, particularly a woman named Raina Wallace, he would be more than happy to release the hold on my title.

So, further up the chain in Tallahassee, I spoke to a seemingly nice guy names Laurence Gill. After relating my issue to him, providing the statutes and additional arguments, he said that I might be dealing with some bad information on the local level and that he would get back to me within two days. The call never came.

I call back two days later, and the secretary, named Lisa, who is actually really nice every time I call in, tells me that I will no longer be working with Mr. Gill; I will be speaking to Raina Wallace directly. I was then told to wait for a call from her by the end of the day. This call never came.

I figured that this is a high level attorney for FL during a pandemic: I can wait a day or two.

Three days later, I call back in to see if Lisa had forgotten about me. I was told I would get a call from MS. Wallace promptly.
Later that day, I get a call back, but from a different high level FL attorney.

I do not wish to disclose her name and contact information at this time, but she was able to tell me that this is a high level discussion taking place in Tallahassee presently; over the next 1-2 weeks, top state attorneys will be having closed door meetings to try and determine how to handle the interpretation and possible amendment of the law for military vehicles in FL.
I asked her what the conversation on the topic was looking like so far, and she said that, while there are some people interested in banning military vehicles outright, there were others, like herself, that thought it was tremendously unreasonable. I asked her if she would be in on the meetings, advocating the position in favor of military vehicle owners and allowing registration under the heavy truck designation, and she affirmed that she would be.
While I cannot determine if her statements and feelings on the matter were earnest, I did get a feeling that she thought this whole matter was ridiculous.
She then took notes of all my arguments and told me a few of hers. I asked for her information, and she obliged, telling me to send pictures of my truck to her email to help her show others in the meetings what they are deciding on.

If you would like to weigh in on the conversation, I may be able to provide her gov email, but I would like to ask her first if it is ok. I was told by Bob that there are some people in Perry that are rather interested in providing comments on the matter.
I will update you as soon as I know.

Hoping for the best,
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some of these state dmv's don't know what they are doing . when i moved down here to N.C. went and reg. my two p/u ,s and car no problem. tried to reg. the beast and they would'nt accept the title from MA. even tho i owned the truck and had it reg. up there for 12 yrs. had to have the hiway patrol come and inspect the vin #. make sure it was'nt stolen. the trooper even said it was a bunch of bull. he liked checking the truck tho.

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This is one big crock of, well, you know. Our Tax Collector is on vacation this week. He knows the drill because I got the same response when I tried to tag mine a couple of years ago here. He made a few calls to Tallahassee and got the correct information and issued my tag. Hopefully he'll be able to help, but when dealing with a bureaucracy, who knows? Kevin Vislocky with FMVPA was also a big help.
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