FL Title transfer problems!! please help!


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My M929 had a 9 digit vin and a regular FL title. It had a perment antique tag. I sold it a few months ago.

I don't think any of my trucks with the possible exception of my M1028A2 had/have a 17 digit vin/serial number.


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My M1078 had a brand new Florida title the seller got after buying it from the government. He had no problem doing it. I just took that title to the Washington State DMV and transferred it into my name in less the 10 minuets. Even got my Disabled Veteran Plates assigned to it. They(WA) called it a commercial vehicle due to the weight but no CDL is required to drive it. I just took the plates off my Dodge and bought new plates for it that cost $129.00 a year now. The M1078 will never need tabs or fees again with it's Disabled Vet plates.

Mine has a 10 digit Vin Number The Florida Title said "Privet Use"
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It’s strange that they are making this so hard for me. They keep saying that my truck (9digit vin) was never intended to be on the road. I said, well it’s got lights, brakes, signals.....everything any other street legal truck has. I guess the 9 digit vin makes it un-drivable.

anyways the attorney sunk his teeth into this so he’s gonna try to go to the Perry Dmv and get it worked out and if they won’t play ball then he’s filling paperwork for an unlawful act. I’ll keep you all posted.
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