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    New wiper blades

    I just bought two ANCO 31-13 blades for $5.54 each on Amazon!
  2. ABN173

    wiper blades

    Bump to top, I know this an older thread but I wanted to share that Amazon has the the ANCO 31-13 wiper blades for $5.54 each. -Dale
  3. ABN173

    Geared Lug Wrench - how NOT to use it & extra info

    Absolutely so glad I found this thread! I had two lug nuts that refused to come off, this thing rocks! -Dale
  4. ABN173

    Loadout/Recovery of M1078 from Fort Bragg to North GA

    Yeah we can work this out. Worse case we flat tow it. Would like to check it out first though perhaps we can get it running.
  5. ABN173

    East coast to West coast trip - Free part taxi - standby assistance requested

    A 24v "Robotool" would be an asset, and would work even if you had no air. Extra tubes and tire tool might not be a bad idea either. I just replied to you PM today. I'm in 3BCT on Bragg, and I've been swamped lately. Sorry for the delay in responding.
  6. ABN173

    Fort Bragg 5 ton assistance?

    John is on the way at this time! See his new thread here: -Dale
  7. ABN173

    Fort Bragg 5 ton assistance?

    OK, glad you are tracking. I met Eric when we recovered John's 5ton. Let me know when you are coming. -Dale
  8. ABN173

    Fort Bragg 5 ton assistance?

    You do know that after 8 days you start enduring a $25 a day fee right?
  9. ABN173

    Fort Bragg 5 ton assistance?

    Guys he is fine. We have been working on things here. Better to play it safe on this end, than pay for a hasty departure.
  10. ABN173

    Fort Bragg 5 ton assistance?

    I got your ride from airport. Will assist in preparations. You can crash at my house while your here too. I have some experience with my deuce but not so much with a 5ton. Dan Frey's Son can help with any electrical. I have a few ideas on best place to work on vehicle but my house is a...
  11. ABN173

    Stopped by the NCSHP

    I know this an older thread, but at some point (when I retire off of active duty)I'm going to have to transfer my tags from WA to NC. Did anyone make any headway on making these eligible for collector/historic? Did anyone think to bring MVPA (NC) into this? Surely there has to be a better way...
  12. ABN173 Selling Military Rolling Stock SOON!

    Mods may need to restructor the catagories in the auctions section....I guess. I was surprised there was no info on this site. Normally we are some of the first to know & share information.
  13. ABN173 Selling Military Rolling Stock SOON!

    screen capture screen capture:
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