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    XM816 Wrecker will not go over 1500 RPM

    This is exactly what it was. THe pin had worked out, and the lever had moved half out. I put it back into position, put pin through and the lock pin inserted then jumped in and it revved like a bat out of hell. That was most certainly the issue!! Thanks for all of the suggestions, guys...
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    XM816 Wrecker will not go over 1500 RPM

    No, I have not gotten back down to the farm to work on it since this post ,as work picked up like crazy and has sent me everywhere. Spent 2 weeks in Wisconsin, and am currently in Missouri. I can't complain, when the money is there, you work for it! Probably will be a couple more weeks until I...
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    HMMWV X-door window replacement glass NSN

    Anyone happen to know the NSN for the replacement 3/8inch ballistic glass for the windows on the x-doors? I can't find it anywhere. All i can find is FMP-2-PCOH for a P/N from manufacturer. Any help would be appreciated! -jack
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    M816 Wrecker Brake issues

    All, the wrecker I bought a while back has never had brakes since I bought it (i have only used it once, and used the hand brake to stop it, since i was not really going anywhere, just pulled out of barn and moved a limb). The guy i got it from said it had "bad brakes". I filled the Master...
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    XM816 Wrecker will not go over 1500 RPM

    Hi all, I pulled my wrecker out of the barn last weekend and used it to set a couple of 3,600lb cattle troughs. It ran great, and would go as hard as I pushed the pedal. This past weekend I went to start it, and it has such low batteries that it wouldn't start, i had to charge them (thats a...
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    XM816 swap to Michelin 53 Super singles

    Hi all, so 4 of these tires have a slow leak and after a bunch of research, it seems its the O-rings. so i busted one apart, and the O-ring looked good, but there was some rust on the rim halves. So i wire brushed them clean where the O-ring sits, and I have new O-rings to put on. My question...
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    XM816 swap to Michelin 53 Super singles

    ok, why is that (out of curiosity??) And do you have a part number for them so i can look into it??
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    XM816 swap to Michelin 53 Super singles

    So the Super single literally just goes right on after I remove the duals? Nothing else needs to be done?? Thanks.
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    XM816 swap to Michelin 53 Super singles

    Hi all, I have a set of Michelin 16.00R20 Tires that I put on a set of 10 Lug rims (PN 89193) to do a swap from duals to Super singles on my XM816 Wrecker. (picture attached) From the research I did, the rim will bolt straight up to the axle already with no modifications. But my question is...
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    removing the steering wheel

    Anyone know of a commercial replacement for the M37 steering wheel? I do not want to pay $200 for a steering wheel on a non-show vehicle. Thanks in advance!
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    M37 Winch

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    M37 Winch

    I have NOS LU-4 Winches still in the crates if anyone needs one. Just shoot me a PM, I can try to figure out shipping for it.
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    Gama Goat Master Cylinder issues

    I rebuild all of the brakes on the goat. I put in all NOS wheel cylinder, new rubber lines, etc. NOS master cylinder as well. Are you supposed to prime that in any way before pouring fluid in and bleeding down brakes? I had a **** of a time trying to get the brakes to bleed, but they would...
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    Driver Side Curtain Needed

    I am needing side curtains for 2 mutts. I see passenger ones on the fleabay, so i can get those, but am needing 2 driver side ones as well. If you have any, let me know please, I will take. -CJack
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    M548 tracks

    Have a complete M548. PM me for details if you want it. No tensioners, I looked everywhere. Sorry.
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