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    Engine Rebuild
  2. frank8003

    Humvee cooling issue

    Different fans opposite driving rotation That "fit" different engines -problem found. If that turns out to be true than that information should be put into a sticky or a place where that information can be found.
  3. frank8003

    Maybe the last charging system question

    Does that have a belt tensioner?
  4. frank8003

    LARC V engine

    LARC-V is an aluminium-hulled amphibious cargo vehicle capable of transporting 5 tons. ... The LARC-V was fielded in 1963 and were used extensively by the U.S. Army ... Engine: Cummins V8-300; 785 cu in (12.9 L) D... Operational range: 250 mi (402.3 km) Maximum speed: Land:30 mph (48 km/h)...
  5. frank8003

    Humvee cooling issue

    a new radiator is $800?
  6. frank8003

    Why are my starter bolts coming loose??

    There is at least 6 threads on that subject here in SS
  7. frank8003

    suitable battery replacement for M1088
  8. frank8003

    suitable battery replacement for M1088

    Exact specifications are normally in the TM's That is one ugly picture of battery terminal you got there. Say what vehical it is so You may get help, It aint difficult, but that is ugly.
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    suitable battery replacement for M1088

    A whole lot of this truck battery thing depends on all the connections and the wire used to the connections. The lugs connections should be like clean, new, torqued, as original. If all the wires and connections are not as New, attempting to say what is best for you is a crapshoot. Take all...
  10. frank8003

    Anybody parting out an 804a?

    Part Target should be your friend now.
  11. frank8003

    Humvee cooling issue

    So, She needs a radiator?
  12. frank8003

    Found major issue…trans

    5th gear at 45MPH is not at torque peak?
  13. frank8003

    M35A2 Winch
  14. frank8003

    Bought a Deuce need some advice

    Assure mushroom cover is easy take off, and get a big CO2 extinquisher and a cover board ready to cover the intake as it could run away of startup. Two people minimum. There is a one inch line goes to the air compressor on back of air cleaner that you better plug off as She will run to govenor...
  15. frank8003

    Brake issue…what would you do?

    Lube the airpak and find where the system is vented to now. It may or may not have been updated.
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