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    Jackpot Mechanics, LLC Fort McCoy, Wisconsin (formally JBL / Jeff Laumer)

    Jackpot Mechanics, LLC (formally JBL / Jeff Laumer) is offering services for items sold through GovPlanet/IronPlanet at Fort McCoy, Wisconsin. Services include inspections, haul-outs, storage and repairs. Contact information is 262-227-2967 or 608-487-1047. Email or...
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    JBL Services - Fort McCoy, Wisconsin

    Yes I can help you out. Easiest to call me at 262-227-2967 Thanks. Jeff
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    Fort McCoy Haul out and Storage

    How do I delete a post? Or can't I?
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    Fort McCoy Haul out and Storage

    Tell me how to bump it and I will. Thanks.
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    Fort McCoy Haul out and Storage

    Jackpot Hauling and Storage LLC (Jeff Laumer) can recover and/or store your purchases from Government Liquidation and Iron Planet. Low rates for both the recovery and storage. Long and short term storage available. Also available to do repairs on your purchased military trucks. Please call...
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    WI need storage in Edgerton area, or transport for M35A2 from said area to Elcho, WI

    haul Did you find someone to haul your truck? QUOTE=caliber1;1566124]M35A2 needs place to sit while new trans is acquired, or ride to Elcho area from Edgerton, Wi. Any help would be appreciated. Jess
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    JBL Services - Fort McCoy, Wisconsin

    I am a SS member who enjoys working with and helping fellow SS members. I have met a lot of great people from all different facets of life. I have been a mechanic for 16 years (and counting) in both the military and civilian world. I specialize in military vehicles. My services include...
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    Picking Up My First MV From Sparta driving it 450 miles

    I enjoy helping and it's always enjoyable to meet new people. There are some pretty great guys on SS that I have worked with.
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    Sparte, WI

    Advertising my services for preview, haul, store, maintain vehicles, trailers, etc for individuals who are interested in bidding on or have purchased items through GL at Fort McCoy, Wisconsin. My services come with 14 years experience as a mechanic who has worked on and is familiar with every...
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    Need to move M817 Dump from Sparta, Wisconsin to Vienna, Missouri

    Rebar - I may be interested in doing this for you. Or if you need it hauled out of GL and stored for awhile, I can do that for you also. I recently bought a semi and could possibly deliver that way. Or I could possibly drive it to you. Message me back and we will see if we can work...
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    Fort McCoy Services

    I see there are quite a few 5 tons coming up for auction at Fort McCoy in the next week.....some driven onto lot and some towed onto lot. Please keep me in mind to do an inspection/preview. I know it's money up front; however, it could end up saving you money in the end. And remember, if it's...
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    Fort McCoy Services

    I'm picking up a semi tomorrow so, yes, as soon as I get a trailer, I will be able to recover 5 tons.
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    M923 Door Hinge Issue

    Kenny, Take the inner door panel off (access panel) and on the bottom of the window itself, the metal framing area, there are 2 galvanized looking L-brackets (one on each side) that are long slotted that have 2 small phillips head retaining bolts. they thread right into the metal framing of the...
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    Sparta/Fort McCoy Preview/Pickup/Storage

    Thanks All...... Thank you all for the positive feedback. I do try my best to do my best and always want whomever I am helping to drive away satisfied. I enjoy sharing my knowledge so the rest of you can enjoy your new purchase. Jeff
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    Fort McCoy Preview, Haul, Store

    Very experienced mechanic working at Fort McCoy, Wisconsin. I have 14 years experience as a military mechanic. I have knowledge of every vehicle the military makes. I am able to preview the items and let you know the condition of the body along with any mechanical issues. I can pick-up...
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