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    Steel Soldiers, users age

    71 Oct 6th this year! Boy that was a fast year that just went by!!!
  2. J

    Passing of JimK. RIP

    Sad to hear another Good One Moved On! We will never have another bunch like the Old Vets! Good part is he enjoyed his life and worked on the stuff he loved till the end! I hope I do the same then go quick when needed.
  3. J

    PNW Info Thread!

    Health is stopping me from traveling right now. Need to see the Vascular Surgon 28 April to find out what there going to do.
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    359th Trans Company Gun Trucks, Viet Nam

    When you heard "Hold Your Ears" you look up to see if a barrel is sticking over the gun pit above your head! I am real hard of hearing now because of so many rounds going off with in 30 ft and no ear plugs!! It was hard to sleep at first used to stick Cig Butts in them then after a while if it...
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    359th Trans Company Gun Trucks, Viet Nam

    On Camp Dillard we had some commercial trucks for the Rock Crusher Pit and they had great tires on them. I remember our Motor Pool putting some on the Steer Tires and the CO getting upset about it. We told him hey they steer better with them on and we did not take them off. See in Nam if you...
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    359th Trans Company Gun Trucks, Viet Nam

    Because we could get away with it! Back then in Nam we wanted to look bad ass and put pin stripes and great pictures on them. It was meant to make the VC scared of you and to at least make you feel bad ass too! The guys loved fixing them up. We got guns off stuff that were not intended to be put...
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    1078 LMTV A0 windshield wiper

    You don't have to like the Guy who does a Great Job Running America!!! He just need to know how to do it and Trump was doing a great job Biden sucks in the job he is doing! I don't even know who is running the country when he keeps saying I am not suppose to say or take questions and walking...
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    1078 LMTV A0 windshield wiper

    My Ladder used to climb that pole all the time with spikes to add lights and change lamps. The lights are around 28 ft off the ground too. It was getting harder each year to go up so I welded up a ladder for old age. Old age has come it is even hard to climb the ladder, spike the pole anymore...
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    1078 LMTV A0 windshield wiper

    I made mine longer too. Took them out as far as they would go. Longer then stock and great coverage on the window.
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    1078 LMTV A0 windshield wiper

    I just took my old ones to NAPA and got the same length and snaped them on. So I would say there just wipers but the Arms that is a different story.
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    Bought new LED Head Lights to put on?

    I want mine to be a Fire Fighting Rig at this point. Just put another 250 Gal Tank on the back now have 700 gallons total or 5,600 lbs of water to work with. Pump one dry go to the other. I can keep one real full for travel this way transferring water. No sag in the Bed I can see lots of room on...
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    M1078 air leak behind grill

    WOW Thanks for that information! I can deal with that now after the fires are under control. Right now there planning a big back burn hope I does not get out of control!! This has become a bad fire for the reservation it could go to 100,000 acres during our Red Flag today and high winds...
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    Hit a Wall on this air leak problem?

    I noticed the air low just sitting with my foot on the brake a little idling. Does not leak when pushing the pedal down. My buzzer comes on around 80 PSI a little early should be closer to 65-70 psi? Other then that I notice no difference in the braking action or air staying up. The compressor...
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