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    Is this an M38A1 or just a CJ-5?

    Could be a Swiss military jeep.
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    EFS Surplus yard In Grantsville, Utah, 20 minutes from Jack Tomlins old yard..

    What would you charge for an M880 air cleaner assembly shipped to 23111? You can email me at
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    M37 Driveability

    Winch trucks seem to wear out the front tires. Front brakes can be upgraded to disks. Lockout hubs are a good update. Mine has 12v lights with added brake lights. Also, Gama goat taillight lenses can be used on the stock taillights or the larger late style lights can be fitted.
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    Titling was too easy.

    Most VA DMV's are a crapshoot as far as knowing how to do what you need. Some issues may require a visit to DMV HQ in Richmond. There's a nice lady in the title section who can solve most issues.
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    WTH, Found a tank today.

    Hi guys. We have an M60 at our VFW post in Glen Allen, VA. We acquired it from a nearby VFW post that closed. We did the necessary transfer paperwork thru the army. We had it moved by commercial transport and drove it on and off the truck. After it was parked on a slab, we welded up all...
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    Mulemac01 M275 2 1/2 ton Gas truck tractor ON-GOING restoration and rebuild tread.

    There is a guy on EBAY who has a modern replacement for the old brown fiber type filter. Look under m38a1 or m37 parts.
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    1963 M37 B1 top speed issue

    Check the governor. It's adjustable.
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    M38a1 jeep horn stuff

    I got a horn rod from Bensinger in PA. You can access the bottom of it by removing the side plate of the steering gear. Removing the fender is helpful.
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    What is a “motor Pool” CJ5?

    The army had CJ-5's in Korea for TMP vehicles. My unit had one signed out for daily message delivery. The battery was on the firewall and it had a govt. purchase/warranty sticker on the dash. It had a hardtop.
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    Troubleshooting Help Needed - Distributor Not Rotating

    Hi. I had one where the distr. shaft froze in place causing the drive tab to shear off. I pulled the distr., freed up the shaft, lubed it again and had the tab rebuilt by a friend with a machine shop.
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    Troubleshooting Help Needed - Distributor Not Rotating

    I had one that had the shaft lock up. That caused the drive tab on the end of the shaft to shear off. Pull the distributor out and check. You can get a new shaft or lube up the old one and rebuild the drive tab.
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    M100 Bantam canvas top and frame. What's it worth?

    Only the post-war civvy trailers had the stake pockets. The top/frame set was sold as an accessory.
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    M1A2 Abrams RC 1:16 Scale

    Toys R Us has a 1/16 RC Abrams on sale now for 39.98. Check their web-site.
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    German MUNGA jeeps

    Any MUNGA owners out there? I have one. It has a 3 cyl., 2 cycle engine.
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