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    List of M56 Scorpion Parts needed for restoration

    I have these......listed as fitting M56 and M1 tank. 2540011441454 12312145
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    WTB M172A1 trailer wheel cover plates.

    I didn't even know there was such beasts. Looks like there's enough for you, me and the winner of the lot, plus a spare. Too bad it was a year ago tho. I'll keep an eye out for them.
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    Those with A3 rims that don't leak... Clamp ring tightness

    How did the oring groove look? I've seen a bunch of those wheels rust at the oring area.
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    M35A3 Fuel Pump/Prime Issue

    Since I haven't opened the hood on my A3 in 5 plus years, this is by memory (sometimes weak). So the route of the fuel is from the tank, through the check valve on the tank, through a small check valve at the pump on the front of the engine, through the piston pump, through the fuel filter to...
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    M35A3 Owners unite

    Old add
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    Ok. Thank you for the quick reply.
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    Are photos that were downloaded to each individuals accounts still accessible somewhere? I can't find any of my old photos.
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    Anyone near or going to Chambersburg?

    Ideally looking for someone close to chambersburg that can pick and store until a weekend. Picked up 2 16.00-20's so far but you never know what else might come up. It's about a 5 hr trip from N.E. Ohio.
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    Air pack rebuild kits

    These are for the short style airpacks like on the A3's and some retrofitted A2's.
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    CUCV2/CUCV-II Owners, post pics and info of your truck

    Ahh! I forgot we were dealing with government surplus....the all too common culprit.
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    CUCV2/CUCV-II Owners, post pics and info of your truck

    The tach signal is generated from the alternator. One alternator for 12 volt and a 12 to 24 converter for the top battery. Possibly a bad connection or a bad signal from the alt. Looks like it is back feeding somehow. Blower motor relay is behind the glove box. Common culprit if you have no...
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    XM 705 anybody ??

    Time to re-open this thread. Anyone know the origination of this picture? Compliments of Vintage Military Trucks How many of these are know to exist?
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    Findlay Ohio 2021 show, Sell, Trade, Wanted List/ May14-16

    Drivers windshield Drivers information center (idiot light display) Drivers door handle Grille And maybe in six months after the euc I'll know the rest.
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    Another one gone.

    That's a good looking truck. Gimp would have looked good in it too.....and busy with it!
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