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    Air Force Tarmac Trailers

    I had one of those with the front axle still in place. Kind of reminded me of a 5th wheel dolly the way it worked. I might have a closer picture of how the pivot point worked. I think it was made in the 50s or 60s. Mine came originally from the USMC and was given to a college that had a fleet of...
  2. Piper Cub

    Southwest area overland group?

    I've been wanting to do that trip too. Not gonna happen with the 5 ton since it lives in CA but once I get my Honda enduro restoration finished I'd take it along.
  3. Piper Cub

    2018 SoCal Spring Rally

    Looks like fun, too bad I'm stuck in AZ for another 3 weeks. Hopefully I can make it to a summer meet. I'm sure my truck would like to stretch it's legs a bit after sitting so much.
  4. Piper Cub

    Honda XL600 Used by DOD?

    I bought this bike about a month ago and noticed an old DOD sticker on the front fork. It's a 1986 XL600 Honda Enduro. I know the military used Kawasaki KLRs but I've never heard of Honda's in service. It sat in a shed for years until I bought it as a pair with an XR500. Got it running briefly...
  5. Piper Cub

    March 2018 Southern California Rally

    I'm going to be in town for once so I should be able to make a day trip. Might even bring the 5 ton.
  6. Piper Cub

    March 2018 Southern California Rally

    Finally an event 20 minutes from home... and I'll be in another state. Maybe my dad and brother will be able to go.
  7. Piper Cub

    M925 Voltage Fluctuation Problem, Time for an Alternator?

    Thanks guys, I'll tinker with it a little and see if I can get it to work right without buying anything. It still charges fine once the engine's warmed up. Hopefully just something simple like your suggestions.
  8. Piper Cub

    M925 Voltage Fluctuation Problem, Time for an Alternator?

    Thanks, I'll give that a try in a couple days. If I do need an alternator I'm having trouble finding what an ideal aftermarket replacement would be. Any ideas on a part number/ source?
  9. Piper Cub

    M925 Voltage Fluctuation Problem, Time for an Alternator?

    My truck starts and runs great but occasionally when I start it the voltage is fluctuating enough to make the gauges go crazy. Once I get on the throttle it stabilizes and everything is fine until I let off the throttle. After driving it and warming up the engine it doesn't happen anymore even...
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    XB-70 Valkyrie - Mach 3+ Bomber (North American)

    Yes I'm pretty sure 0008 is sitting at the south gate to Edwards. It's been a couple years since I was up there but I think that's one of the planes there. XB 70 really was an amazing airplane. I have a model of it that was signed by one of the pilots, Fitz Fulton...
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    M1101 Front marker shroud

    On a somewhat related note I thought I may have had a spare one of those and went to look for it tonight and in doing so managed to slip a similar one off the top shelf, off my head and all over the floor in many pieces of what used to be a light so I unfortunately don't have one to sell. I do...
  12. Piper Cub

    B-25 Mitchell Bomber

    Somewhere I have a picture of a B25 closing in on the back of the Cessna I was landing at Palm Springs in. Think it was Memorial Day and they were doing an event with the Planes of Fame museum and the Palm Springs Air Museum. Since the stall speed on the bomber is so high we got the "expedite...
  13. Piper Cub

    Suggestions on what to do with NOS cab paint peel

    I use a pressure washer to blast off the loose pieces, then some thick primer to fill in depression from the unpainted areas, and finally a coat or two of Behr house paint.
  14. Piper Cub

    Is there many AZ folks here?

    I'm still going to school in Flagstaff but am not there except during the school year.
  15. Piper Cub

    HEMTT doors don't open from inside

    I've had that happen with other semi truck doors. Just needed to take the access panel off and lube the mechanism and it worked great again.
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