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    how level does a m101a2 trailer need to be - realistically

    Croft trailer supply
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    Need a shelter moved from MO to the west coast

    I have a shelter that is 60" wide 96" long and 72" high and weighs about a 1,000 pounds that needs to be moved from Springfield MO to the Los Angeles area There is equipment on both ends to load and unload
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    Trailer mod advice

    What are you going to be towing it with?
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    possible miltary jeep??

    It has the later grill and battery box cover
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    single heavy axle tilt deck trailer value

    I use a single axle trailer all the time and they are very picky for balance and tongue weight. Once you sort that out they are great trailers. What size tires are on it?
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    Did the supply of M101A2s and 3s dry up??

    I just sold a M101A3 today I have two M101A2's a M116 and a helmet top for sale
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    Can anyone back up a M101?

    Are you spinning the steering wheel around or are you just jiving it a quarter to half turn from straight? Remember this trailer will respond many times faster than your fifth wheel. Can you see the trailer in your mirrors? Backing using the mirrors is harder because everything is reversed...
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    Tiny House On A Steel Soldier “Redux” Expedition Build

    Your analogy about comparing the pizzas and welders is so true. The 110 machines are outclassed by there 220 volt big brothers, but are still hobby machines. The commercial machines like either of our big machines run circles around the small machines. Your Miller is just more portable than...
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    Tiny House On A Steel Soldier “Redux” Expedition Build

    I am not a fan of the 110 volt welders. The little 220 volt Lincoln's are good machines. I have found flux core wire to be an interesting animal. After using it exclusively for almost 30 years I have determined that there are issues using the off brand wire. I have good results with Lincoln...
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    Redding Cailornia show (June 23-24, 2018) question.

    All it means it that the people who attend the show have not seen your post. This show is listed on the northern recon groups web site, see attached flyer You should contact Fred K. At 209-639-9724
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    Cross Country in an M820

    A cab and chassis can be real scary on wet pavement if you hit the brakes hard. Mud flaps are required
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    How many Multifuels have been ruined because...

    There is a lot of data that supports the issues resulting from not working diesels. Wet stacking is a result of incomplete combustion.
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    Who is handling the general surplus now that GL is out?

    Well the paper work on the single items will kill there profit. They will also lean some stuff is worth scrap value and not what the government paid for it. The old retail rule is that everytime an item changes hands the price doubles There will always be a few newbies out there that will...
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    Wind! Commercial Power Out Here - I Bet I'm Not Alone

    My wife questioned the light tower until the power went out and I ran the house off of it. Now she tells her friends the light tower was her idea
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    M116a3 Bolt Pattern & Wheel Question

    You need to check the center hole diameter on the rims
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