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    200 Amp Generator to charge power bank

    Mixing battery technologies complicates things. As pointed out above, you have to follow the appropriate charging protocol. The easiest way is to use a DC-To-DC charger that is set up for Li-Ion. Down-side is slow charging which negates one of the Li Ion advantages. The DC-DC charger will only...
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    200 Amp Generator to charge power bank

    To charge an additional house battery off the same alternator, I'd use an "automatic charging relay". This relay will only connect the second battery when the voltage is at charging level (>13V). It will automatically disconnect when you turn off the engine. A diode works also but at 100+ amps...
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    Excessive Run Temp HMMWV

    I'd install the OEM temp sender; needs to be matched to gauge. Then verify gauge by measuring actual temps with infrared thermometer.
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    GP Inspection Reports, Buy with confidence or Buyer Beware? What is your experience?

    My truck was pretty much as described in the listing "running and driving". And the truck did just that once I got the batteries charged.. It took a while for the EUC to clear and I was traveling and could not take delivery when it finally did. They were ok with keeping the truck in Barstow for...
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    You are not alone. Bought in September 21, picked up this April, still waiting on title.
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    GovPlanet Humvee Question

    I had the same brackets just hanging there on my 1123. They are just sitting on the transmission support bracket, no bolts.
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    What have you done to your HMMWV today/lately

    No, I did not have to touch the B-pillar. I had to loosen the passenger side of the A-pillar hinge a bit to square it with the roof.
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    What have you done to your HMMWV today/lately

    Pulled the installed Red Dot A/C components and hoses. Capped and left compressor on engine for now. Started installing Plan B hard top and back curtain. All aluminum parts are CNC cut and fit well. Some easy riveting and rivet nut installation required. Very complete kit; Plan B even included...
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    Hard-top vs Soft Top

    True for any hard top. Painted dark it will be a pretty good solar collector. Interior insulation is a must both for heat and noise reasons.
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    What have you done to your HMMWV today/lately

    Very nice!
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    What have you done to your HMMWV today/lately

    My (new) truck is running fine but I went ahead with a fuel filter change. What a PIA. Surprisingly difficult to get at for a frequent maintenance item. Finally got it out of there. The filter element and screen looked new but there was some gunk in the water separator. Upon reassembly one of...
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    Hard-top vs Soft Top

    Well, I went back and forth on the decision. Finally decided to go with a hard top. I ordered the Plan B aluminum hard top and back curtain kit. Since it is built to order, it will take a few weeks to arrive. Will keep you guys posted.
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    Softer Springs

    I'll be following this thread as I'm in the same boat. M1123 with armor removed. The springs are massive, I'd guess 1 inch diameter. Ride is punishing on anything but smooth pavement. Would the H1 springs fit the A2/1123?
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    What type of steel fasteners for aluminum?

    Don't know why I thought stainless would be the answer. I remember stainless screws causing the paint to lift for inches on a aluminum radar arch on a saltwater boat. Good news is that I did not see any corrosion between OEM fasteners and the truck body. Maybe the truck spent most of its time...
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    What type of steel fasteners for aluminum?

    Quick question. I ordered some stainless steel bolts, washer and nuts to mount tailgate, C pillar and cover the armor mounting holes. But after reading up on it, it looks like stainless would do more harm than good on aluminum. What type of surface coating should I look for instead? What is the...
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