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    Adventure Driven's photos and videos of their M1079

    Yes, I'm still around, though not on SS often. Only green I have now is a compact JD tractor :sneaky:... Sadly, I'm not in the market I helped a friend buy an 803a generator recently through some of my contacts and I still keep in touch with the guy who bought my M1078. I miss seeing some of...
  2. TNriverjet

    Adventure Driven's photos and videos of their M1079

    Wow, great find! I always wanted a 1079, but not at over $200K. I'm sure it's worth it and I followed much of Seth's build, but wow... Oh to be the guy with $200K plus for a toy
  3. TNriverjet

    New from east TN.

    Welcome from Mid TN.
  4. TNriverjet

    M-917 20 Ton Dump Recovery

    FrontierAcres has a LMTV but no towbars. A M-1078 is probably a bit light to be flat towing this monster anyway. We used a Ford Explorer as our chase vehicle LOL.
  5. TNriverjet

    M-917 20 Ton Dump Recovery

    Ok, I owe you guys a better summary. I had 3-4 paragraphs typed up Sunday, and the server logged me off when I went to attach photos, and it was all lost. I got busy and didn’t take the time to re-type. The good good news is, we were able to drive the truck home. My Son originally went with...
  6. TNriverjet

    M-917 20 Ton Dump Recovery

    Helped member FrontierAcres recover this truck last weekend after it only made it 1/2 way home on the original attempt. These are “big” trucks! I plan to help go over the truck to get it operational and reliable. I think we have a pretty solid unit to start with.
  7. TNriverjet

    New M1078 owner

    Welcome. Photos of the new truck please?
  8. TNriverjet

    Returning member from tn

    Welcome back! Good to see other MV folks in Mid TN.
  9. TNriverjet

    Jobsite Assault Vehicle

    Looking good sir! Every conceivable hitch including a goose neck ball I believe... wait is there no 1 7/8ths on there? ;-)
  10. TNriverjet

    M1078 Towing M1101

    Did an 1101 recovery with the M-1083 last summer. Everything hooked up fine
  11. TNriverjet

    Put my LMTV to work today.

    Did a bit of similar hauling last October. I loaded several loads by hand. They were small trees, but it was still a lot of work.
  12. TNriverjet

    New M1089 FMTV owner

    It may not be recommended or condoned, but I took off several hoses from the PCU behind the passenger kick panel and sprayed some silicone lube into the unit. I felt that moisture had made its way in there and corroded things a bit. It seemed to help the solonoids on that unit cycle better for...
  13. TNriverjet

    I guess it is about time I introduced myself and a couple questions.

    Safe travels! Another member bought my M-1083 back in November. He drove it from TN to California. It can be done. We spent half of a day going over things and getting him ready. I think he had fun.
  14. TNriverjet

    Mounting a snow plow on a LMTV 1078 First Post

    Admittedly it was a good episode. I took this snapshot of my hotel TV screen the night it aired. :goodjob:
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