Air conditioner install using Waterloo parts


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OK @ramdough I couldn't wait until the weekend.

Here's some pics, but the gist of it is the front most hose is the inflow. If it trace that line back, it goes down along the passenger frame rail, then up towards the front of the engine near the front crank pulley. Both hoses lead here, one stops short (lower on the engine), and that's the return. The feed line feeding flow into the heater box comes from higher up.

I hope that makes sense.

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Thanks! That will help a lot!

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Got my interior unit installed today. It was a lot of work, but not a lot of drama. I found it helpful to sit the unit on top of a couple of 2x4's, as well as removing the lower portion of the gunner's platform. That gave me more room to move the unit around to get the wiring and air lines sorted out, and kept the drain tubes from getting scraped off.

A luck test revealed that the unit seems to be working fine, however my new options panel is inop, no tach, no switch illumination. I thought I remember reading something about connector under the PDP that needs hooked up to the available connector from the options panel, but I cannot find the thread, and wherever that connector is hiding, is doing it good.
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