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What have you done to your 5 ton this week?


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Boise, ID
Got more pictures of the engine? On the 6CT 8.3 the engine coolant block heater goes on the right front, that is the right back from what I can see by where the starter is in the picture. So that is not a 8.3 Cummins. Not a bad thing it's not, actually if correct it can be either a 350 or 400 BC which means way more power, the identification will be on the left front timing cover towards the fan.

Looks like it is a 6CTA from the engine tag. I did hear a rumor that the power was turned up from this number due to the extra weight of the ROPS cab. Not sure how true that is.



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Sunman Indiana
Alright I dropped the old T stat in boiling water and it opened, so I have my head scratching. Did these 5 tons come with a extra cooling capacity for desert operations? No the fan clutch isn't stuck on either.
Mine was built in 91 the cooling system was redone in 94 according to the stenciling on the cooling parts and of course there MWO tags as one opens the doors but are covered in paint.
Are you fighting low or no heat in the cab, If so have you checked flow through the heater core? If poor or none make sure the valves at the block are open and not plugged and try flush the core then reverse the lines to help dislodge debris. Also a complete cooling system flush is probably needed if the core is full of junk. Flushes are tuff to do thoroughly in the winter though because you cant get the thermostat to open quickly, and risky to work it up to temp in sub-freezing conditions on straight water.


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Someone purposely blocked the heater core off as I found out after ripping the lines off for the reason of a leaking heater core. I will rip it out later and solder the holes if I can. Dealing with low heat on the engine mostly of only 130 degrees, but seems from the design in below freezing temperatures this is inevitable unless one blocks the radiator off.
The 6ctas had dual thermostats as well.

There is a winter front kit for the 939s

They also have a diesel fired heater in place of the stock unit for the extreme cold

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