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    M35a3 Combat Wheel Maintenance

    How to stop a leaking M35a3 wheel / change the tire
  2. AnonymousOne

    M35a3 3116 missing engine part ?

    Humm .. Now thats an interesting cost effective thought :-)
  3. AnonymousOne

    M35a3 3116 missing engine part ?

    Ok ... so I am about a year late .. better late that never ... I took some measurements of the above pipe and found that it didn't seem to be standard... at least that I know of. Any ideas of the size of Cap I should buy to cap this off? The measurements of the connector are - External...
  4. AnonymousOne

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    Great point ...I keep forgetting to look under the truck to check the bolts, etc ... Last week I found I was missing a bolt off the alternator bracket. These are great trucks but man they sure can shake themselves apart if they want to.
  5. AnonymousOne

    FM 55-312-1991 - Convoy Manuals

    The FM is from Apr 1991 and the Tactical Convoy Handbook is estimated at Apr 2003 which contains an interesting section on Hardening a Truck with Sandbags.
  6. AnonymousOne

    Dickies Drivers Seat Cover M35a3 M998 Installed photos

    If there are any die hard collectors out there who don't want to wear out their seat canvas or someone like me who uses their truck for work.... I purchased a Dickies Heavy Duty Canvas Seat Cover $25 (for one). It is not a perfect fit because it is a "universal" fit, but it really isn't that...
  7. AnonymousOne

    M944 tent set up or .......

    Thanks for the pictures ... Looks great, but may be the pain exceeded the gain :-) If I could fit a 5 ton in my drive way... clam shell would be my choice ... nothing better than bring your tools with you where ever you go.
  8. AnonymousOne

    MA Medfield Day - Police Command Deuce pictures

    Do you have any pictures of the "swat truck" that sounds interesting?
  9. AnonymousOne

    MA Medfield Day - Police Command Deuce pictures

    more pic's Note the wood over head ... interesting idea.
  10. AnonymousOne

    MA Medfield Day - Police Command Deuce pictures

    I saw this and thought you guys would enjoy what one police department did to their deuce / M35a2. I tried to get a lot of pic's incase someone here is interested in trying this on their truck.
  11. AnonymousOne

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    I purchased 9 pallets of wood pellets last month during MA Tax break weekend for November delivery but temp dropped so much needed to pick up 2 pallets early. Word got around fast at Lowes by the time I parked and got to the service desk and told them I need to pick up a few pallets early ...
  12. AnonymousOne

    Drove M35A3 from PA to Bangor, ME

    I would guess that the O-Ring or Air Pipe gasket in the rim gave out at 80psi. Though I agree with many that these things are rated for 50 - 60 PSI and most likely can handle double that because of the gov spec buffer but at 10 years old .. I doubt it can stand up to 80psi consistantly...
  13. AnonymousOne

    M35a3 air psi problems

    Gladhand leak was an issue for me. The on-off valve for the gladhand was frozen open so I had to replace the rubber gasket in the gladhand along with the steel cover. At some point I will get to replacing the on-off valve but not any time soon.
  14. AnonymousOne

    How to change an M35a3 tire / stop air leaks / Picture by Picture

    :driver: Everyone has been very helpful to me, so happy to return the favor :driver:
  15. AnonymousOne

    How to change an M35a3 tire / stop air leaks / Picture by Picture

    Hi, I had a leak in my M35a3 wheel assembly and took the thing apart to replace the seals and a few cracked brass connectors. As I didn't know what I was doing I took pictures in case I need to undo something that I shouldn't have done. Turns out I must have done something right as the wheel...
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