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    March 2018 Southern California Rally

    Thanks for the kind words, Kurt. California is a huge state and I think it's great that there are now events within a reasonable drive of everyone. Glad to hear your Petaluma event went well and I'm sorry that I couldn't make it this year. I'm looking forward to your return to the delta...
  2. armytruck63

    1955 mowag T1

    It is cool, I'll say that much!
  3. armytruck63

    2018 TX MV Rally

    I forwarded this info to my son in Leander. He and my grandsons would love this event!
  4. armytruck63 you like low flying aircraft?....then here ya go!

    747 low pass at 20 feet, from the cockpit, courtesy of CNN:
  5. armytruck63

    M-Gator restore

    Cool! That's an unusual vehicle you are restoring.
  6. armytruck63

    GMC M211 how to clean the fuel tank

    You could try removing the tank and swishing around swimming pool acid in it. Wear goggles and gloves. The disadvantage to this method is you could get pinholes if the rust is really severe. You will have acid-rust mix that you'll need to discard. I've also heard of people chaining the tank...
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    Sherman tank radial engine

    Except for the ones that had the 500 HP FORD GAA V-8 and the 9-cylinder radial engine.
  8. armytruck63

    Sherman tank radial engine

    I believe they have 9 cylinders.
  9. armytruck63

    12 volt towing box

    Nice work!
  10. armytruck63

    Studebaker US6 - identify, please.

    I heard that Stalin liked these trucks so much that he wrote a letter of thanks to Studebaker.
  11. armytruck63

    Personal military truck negligence causes major accident.

    This is very similar to the condition called "get-home-itis" with pilots. The guy is lucky that he was rear ended by a semi and not by a bunch of kids in a Toyota Corolla going 80. This would be even worse if there were fatalities involved. The guy deserves a huge fine and a lengthy loss of...
  12. armytruck63

    A not-so-funny story (hz)

    I have to add this here. A bumper sticker from the 1970's: "Electricians do it until it Hz."
  13. armytruck63

    Helping during Harvey! (Now I need M925 starter)

    Just to assure yourself, pull the injectors and try cranking or bar over the engine. Hopefully you don't have a hydrolock situation.
  14. armytruck63

    2017 SoCal Summer Rally Aug, 4-6 Big Bear California San Bernardino Mtns. camping

    Excellent video NF! That sure is a cute little jeep bouncing along in front of you. :driver:
  15. armytruck63

    2017 SoCal Summer Rally Aug, 4-6 Big Bear California San Bernardino Mtns. camping

    Ponderosa Pines smell like vanilla:
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